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(Shingeki no Kyojin) Attack on Titan Movie 4 (Chronicle) English Subbed-

TBRAttack on Titan: Chronicle (「進撃の巨人」CHRONICLE Shingeki no Kyojin CHRONICLE?) is the series’ fourth recap movie, retelling the first three seasons of the Attack on Titan series based on the manga by Hajime Isayama.

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Carla insists that Eren take Mikasa and run, but Eren objects and continues his efforts, struggling with debris. His mother then tells him that her legs were crushed by the rubble, so even if he manages to get her free, she will not be able to run. Eren ignores her implications, yelling that he will carry her. In tears, Carla asks why he never listens to her. The argument is cut short when a Titan is seen moving closer to their position. After more pleading from his mother and the Titan still approaching, Hannes arrives. Carla begs Hannes to take the children and run. At first, Hannes refuses, vowing to kill the Titan and save the three of them. As Hannes charges the Titan, he suddenly stops, horrified at the frightening appearance of this Titan.

Eren watches as his mother is eaten by a Titan

Hannes withdraws his blade and runs back, grabbing the two children. With Carla grateful and Eren protesting, Hannes makes a run for it. Carla screams for Eren and Mikasa to survive. Eren, looking behind on Hannes’s shoulder, gasps as he sees the Titan move debris of the house away, eyeing Carla. The Titan grabs her and Eren screams for it to stop. It breaks her back with its hands, and Eren can only watch in despair as the Titan devours his mother.

Eren vows to kill the Titans

As citizens begin fleeing the district, an Armored Titan appears and crashes through the inner gate, killing its defenders. The gravity of the situation dawns on Eren when he realizes he can never go home again. Seeing the weakness of humanity, he vows to kill every last Titan in the world.

Five years later, a ceremony is held for graduates of the 104th Cadet Corps, with Eren and Mikasa placing in the top five. Later, the graduates maintain the cannons atop the Wall and Eren feels motivated about humanity’s fight against the Titans, when suddenly lightning hits the ground outside of Wall Rose and the Colossal Titan appears, breaching Trost District’s outer gate.

The soldiers quickly begin their attempts at dealing with the Titans, not wanting to repeat the hell from five years ago. While the civilians continue their evacuation, the new recruits are preparing to head into action. Armin Arlelt panics, claiming that the Titans can annihilate them at any time, but Eren tries to calm him down.

Thomas is caught by the Titan

Running through the district, the recruits find that the Titans are already inside. Suddenly, they are targeted by an Abnormal Titan that jumps at them. Thinking they have evaded it, the group realizes that the Titan had caught Thomas Wagner in its mouth. Before he can react, the Titan devours Thomas, much to the horror of his teammates. An enraged Eren then rushes forward with his omni-directional mobility gear in order to slay that Titan, but is intercepted by another Titan which bites off his leg, causing him to fall down.

Eren’s teammates are in shock just as more Titans appear, killing them one after another, much to the horror of Armin, who freezes from shock. Armin is then approached by another Titan that puts him into its mouth. As half-conscious Eren sees all of this, he recalls a time of his childhood when Armin came to him carrying a book containing information about the outside world. Eren’s interest grew as Armin revealed many outside world secrets from the book.

Armin witnesses Eren being eaten

Back in the present, Eren grabs Armin’s hand, throwing him out of the Titan’s mouth. Using a blade as a way to keep the Titan’s mouth open, Eren states that he will go to the outside world. Armin urges him to hurry, but it is too late, as the Titan shuts its mouth, biting Eren’s arm off while devouring the rest of the body.

Elsewhere, Mikasa senses that something is off. She recalls the day several years ago when Eren had saved her from a group of bandits who killed her parents. Mikasa reflects on how cruel the world is, but despite that, and upon remembering Eren, she realizes she still has a place to call home. As the Titans continue to swarm HQ, Mikasa arrives looking for Eren, but finds Armin, who apologizes to her before telling her of Eren’s death. Seemingly emotionless, Mikasa tells Armin they cannot afford to be emotional now and brings him to his feet, then goes to Marco Bodt to confirm that getting into the supply HQ will allow the cadets to escape.

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