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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


The Owl’s Titan all the soldier from Public Security and Grisha Jaeger is shocked. He squeezed the life out of him and now he is in front of the sea. The Owl explains that the sea is a large amount of salted water which covers 70% of the world. When they all are dead, he leaves his titan there and climbs back on the wall. On the wall he cuts Grisha free all of his bonds. The Owl introduced himself as Eren Kruger and he explains that is one of the Nine Titans. Like Grisha, he is also a subject of Ymir and he pretends to be Marleyan and infiltrates Public Security. He has passed the bloods tests with the help of a doctor.

Kruger told Grisha that he has done really well, Grice was right about the results of the cause. Grisha also admits that he was a bad husband and father but he wonders how he is the only on of the prisoners who is still standing here in human form. Grisha grabs Kruger and his wounds starts bleeding again from his bandages. Grisha asks Kruger that why he did not saved his wife’s life since she was of royal blood. Kruger should have done this thing sooner, it will save the Restorationists before turning into titan.

Kruger is on his knees and he accepts that he don’t even tortured his fellow patriots. He cuts thousands of fingers of the people who were Subjects of Ymir, it includes Women and Children too. They all are transformed into titans. Kruger says that these all things were for the services of Eldia. Kruger tells Grisha that there is very little time remaining, so he should trust him for the final task.

Kruger reveals Grisha that if he don’t met him previously, he should turn Grisha into titan. Grisha also not hated Marley like he does now. Grisha’s hatred was the reason why he choose him. Kruger recognized Grisha’s hatred when he was a child and it was very similar with him. When the King left the royal family members starts a revolution and his father was a part of that revolution. They failed and Kruger was survived because he hides in a closet and his family was burned alive in front of him. Since the time, he wanted the revenge from Marley and should restore Eldia, but he founds himself to cut the fingers of his fellow patriots and transforming them into the titans over the wall. Due to his work he never reveals his true identity.

Grisha asks that what is his final task and Kruger replied that he should infiltrate the wall and have to retake the founding titan by using the titan inherited from Kruger. Grisha understands that for this he have to eat Kruger, Kruger accepts it. The Founding Titan should be taken in the same way. Kruger can’t eat himself and those who were made from one of the nine titans will died in thirteen years and he inherited himself thirteen years ago.

In the present time, Eren calls Curse of Ymir and how long Ymir lived with the power of titan was thirteen years. Armin realize that it means that he has only thirteen years left for his titan and Eren have almost eight. Mikasa is sad and he can’t believe this. Eren said that if one of the nine titans dies without passing the power to others, then the power will be inherited as a baby who is not born to a subject of Ymir. All the Subjects of Ymir are connected with a single subordinate they can’t realize. Eren recalls that an inheritor called the subordinate paths.

The path allows the transfer of the blood to make the titan’s body. The thoughts and the memories are also transferred during the path process and that’s why you reminds of the previous life. All the paths works on a single coordinate of the Founding Titan. In the past Grisha asks Kruger that who is Ymir in actual and Kruger replies that nobody knows. Everybody have a different answer for Ymir and some body tells that she is a pawn of the devil and other tells her as a god given miracle. Some people believed that Ymir touched all the sources of the life. In the last what matter is what people believe. Dina’s royal legacy was not a lie and she was a true member of the royal family but he did her heritage from Marley because he don’t want that Dina spends her life by giving birth to royal children whole life for their enemies.

Grisha accepts to take part in Kruger’s mission. He watches the death of the man who killed his sister, the guy who was hated by him in his whole life but still his death is unbearable. Kruger tells that if Grisha knew the price of freedom he should complete this mission.

Kruger motivates Grisha by show him a photo of his family but it fails. Then he goes for Grisha’s pride and worthiness but Grisha tells that these all things are pointless. There is only his sins are left and Grisha tells that these are enough. The main reason Grisha was picked because he left the walls when he was a child for his freedom. If Grisha had not done this, he was running his father’s clinic and his sister should have been married by now but he went outside the walls for freedom. Both of them have sins and they should pay the price by their actions.

Grisha is thinking and he saw the photo of his family. He takes the photo from Kruger and every nine titans has a name. Throughout the history, every titan has been pushed ahead for the freedom and his name is the Attack Titan. In the present Hange came to Eren’s cell to get him out and she finds that he is talking with himself about the Attack Titan. She wants to know about the Attack Titan but Captain Levi tells her that he is still fifteen and going through a rough phase. Eren is surprised that Captain Levi opens his cell and bring him out. Eren asks that he was supposed to be in the cell for another ten day as a punishment. Armin clears that he was cleared by Dhalis Zachary and Hange tells him that it will goes as a bad message if the hero who defeated Armored and The Colossal Titan is still in jail. Eren and Mikasa are out from their cells and Captain Levi tells them to dressed up for the audience.

Queen Historia is reading the letter of Ymir who was given by Reiner to Hange. Ymir apologizes for leaving Historia in the battle and she explains that it is no long before she will die. She wished that before die she had no regrets but still there is one that she was unable to marry Historia. Historia touches the letter and got a sudden flash of the memories of Ymir and her vision. She also saw the chamber like the underground chapel for the transformation of the Founding Titan.

Historia is surprised and she asks Hange that this was it and Hange confirms. Hange doubts that Ymir can’t gave any important information in the letter, Jean is thinking that there can be a hidden message in the letter which can only understood by Historia. Historia is confident that there was nothing like a hidden message in the letter.

She removes her tears and Eren, Mikasa, Armin and Captain Levi enters the room. Eren, Mikasa and Armin bow to Historia and call her majesty to embarrass her. Historia tells that she haven’t done anything much special in her last mission but Armin assures that she is doing an important duty as a queen. The hearing started and the senior officers discovered about the revelation of Grisha Jaeger’s books and journals. Hange summarizes the mission of Shiganshina District to reclaim the wall. She tells that they will no longer consider Titans as their enemies. They should consider the other civilization as the true enemy.

Hange discuss about Grisha’s mission and tells how he achieve that and handing the Founding Titan to his son Eren. The guy from royal blood can only utilize the Founding Titan. Eren was successful in the the titans Hange suspects that it may be possible that someone can use the Founding Titan’s power who is not of royal blood.

Eren recalls that he commanded the titans in the battle and he also punched the titan of Dina Fritz, she was a royal blood. He stands from his sit in the middle of hearing and he knows why he was able to control the titans. The other members in the hearing are starting at Eren but he says nothing and sits back on his seat. Hange understands that Eren is going through a rough patch, but if he touch someone who is of royal blood he is able to use the Founding Titan’s powers and command the other titans. It is a possibility but he don’t want to know this for a while.

Kruger is preparing the injection to give Grisha and tells him to have a family again. Most of the people lost their memories in the time they are transformed into a titan but in the time himself or somebody else will see the memories. To relive the memories you should have a wife and a child. Grisha have to love someone to stop the pattern of mistakes. He will see this if he wants to save Mikasa and Armin. Grisha asks who are Mikasa and Armin, Kruger replies that he don’t know but he knows about the memories.


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