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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

In dream, Armin hears that Bertholdt is still alive and he opens his eyes. He sits up and sees that the Colossal Titan is over him. Armin watches the Colossal Titan and it sheds. Armin wakes up on the top of Wall Maria and thinking about what actually happened. He finds that Sasha is laying beside him and the Scouts are injured. Armin asks what happened because the last thing he remember was Bertholdt’s transformation into the Colossal Titan. Captain Levi and Eren bring Armin to conscious mode. Armin is horrified that only nine soldiers are remained in the Scouts. He also struggling to accept the fact that the syringe was given to him rather than Commander Erwin. He also ate his fellow soldier Bertholdt in his titan mode.

Armin asks that he was chosen for the syringe over Commander Erwin and Captain Levi explains that Eren and Mikasa will tell him because they are the ones who draw blood to save him. Hange says that they will be disciplined for their insubordination, Mikasa and Eren accepts the charges. Captain Levi admits that the final decision was his and he chose this place where Erwin will die and he saved Armin.

Armin is still confused and Hange also admits that they believed that Erwin is surely better choice than Armin but Erwin entrusted Captain Levi to Armin rather than himself and Levi made the final decision. Armin accept that he bears the burden of Commander Erwin’s life and a power of titan. Captain Levi assures Armin that he don’t want Armin as a replacement of Commander Erwin but still Armin got something special which no one else have. Armin should ensure that he not regret the decision of Mikasa and Eren to standing for him. Hange tells Armin that as the next commander of the Scouts, they both are in a similar position and they have to accept their role.

Armin knows everything now and Hange takes Levi, Eren and Mikasa to investigate the basement of Eren’s father Grisha Jaegar. Conny, Sasha, Jean and Floch are still on the wall and guarding the wall. Eren remembers that he never allowed to go inside the basement by his parents in his childhood. His mother told him that his father kept his working tools in the basement which is harmful for the children. Eren and Mikasa recalling their time in the Shiganshina District. They also recalls the scenario the last time when the Colossal Titan ends their city. They come to their past house which is now almost debris.

Eren and Mikasa clear the debris which is blocked the basement and they are heading down in the basement. Eren tries to unlock the door with the keys but the key doesn’t work. Captain Levi breaks down the door and they entered the basement. They find that it seems like a normal doctor’s study room and Hange tells that everything is normal here. It seems like Grisha wants that it should look like a normal doctor’s room. Captain Levi agrees that Grisha will not the things in open which are important and precious.

A cup is fell down by Mikasa accidentally over a table and she bends town to pick the cup. She saw another small keyhole on the desk. Eren try that lock with his keys and it works but the drawer is empty. Captain Levi tells him that there will be something and he reveals a secret drawer under the drawer. They find three books there and Eren opens the first book. They find a picture of a family on the first page of the book.

Eren is looking at the picture and Hange takes from him. She finds that the picture is drawn by a person but it very perfect. Mikasa points out that on the back of the picture something is written by Grisha. In Trost District, Nile is remembering his days with Erwin and his questions. When both of them starts their training in the Cadet Corps, Erwin always insists that the government is trying to hide the truth but Nile never takes him seriously. Today when he thinks about it, he thinks that Erwin was right. Dhalis Zachary tells Nile that he should apologize to Erwin when he came back. Anka came into the room with the information of the Scouts homecoming and they have successfully reclaim Wall Maria. The citizens are celebrating for the Scouts victory. The Scouts are standing on Wall Rose and Hange is carrying three books she got from the basement.

She understands that the picture called photograph and the technologies is one of modern which is not available in the walls. According to Grisha, he came from beyond the walls to live with humanity. Years ago, Grisha and his sister ran from their house because they saw an airship but they forget to wear their armbands. Their mother warned them to not go outside the walls and not follow the airship for too far. Grisha’s sister dreams that if she was rich then she will ride an airship one day. Grisha become realistic and he said that they will never become so rich.

His sister is disappointed because she lost the view of airship. Grisha hold her hand and they are running through the security gate. The guard is running behind them and Grisha knew because his teacher told him once that the airships lands nearby the city and they wants to see it near their eyes. His sister shows concern that they are going outside the walls and it is against their mother’s instructions. Grisha crosses the gate and a guard inform the others that two children breached the gate without their permission. Grisha wrote in the book that it was the first time he learned about the truth of the world.


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