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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

Eren is standing near the burned body of Armin. Eren realize that he should know that this will happen but still he got no other choices rather than believe on Armin’s plan. Eren hears that a titan is coming near them and it is the Cart Titan who is carrying Zeke on its back. The Cart Titan came from the wall and reaches Eren, who grabs Bertholdt as hostage an he place his blade on Bertholdt’s throat. The Cart Titan stops near Eren and Eren looks at Zeke and he saw the mark on his faces that shows that he is a titan too. Eren guess that he should be the Beast Titan.

Zeke looks at Eren and he asks that he is Eren Jaeger. Zeke says that he don’t look like his father and he understands what Eren is going through in this condition because they both are the victims of Grisha Jaeger. Zeke tells Eren that he was brainwashed by his faher, Eren realize that Zeke resembles with his father Grisha. Zeke looks on the up of the wall and he saw Captain Levi survived from all the titans and he came on the top of the wall. He is no condition to fight with him and Zeke calls that their fight will be happen any other day. Zeke apologizes to unconscious Bertholdt and he says that it is the end for him. The Cart Titans leave and Zeke tells Eren that one day he will come back to rescue Eren. The Cart Titan ran away from the scene.

Captain Levi came on the rooftop of Eren and he used last of his gas. Levi orders to give the rest of the blades and Gas to him so he can follow Zeke. Eren begins to free his blades and gas but he hears Armin is still breathing. Hange is asking with Reiner but he not remembers well. Hange asked about the case Reiner had in his chest pocket and he tells that the chase is given by Ymir to deliver to Christa. Hange agrees that she will give it to Christa but after inspecting it fully. Hange wants to ask more questions to Reiner but she draws her blades because she feels that Reiner is not intended to talk with them.

Hange is ready to cut the throat of Reiner but Jean asks her to wait and think about stealing the power of Reiner. Before the commencement of the mission Commander Erwin tells the Scouts about the use of the Syringe. The Syringe can be used as a titan’s injection to gain the powers like Beast or the Armored Titan. The Scouts can gain so many valuable information about Titan powers but they can also revive a soldier from death.

Hange fells that the conditions are fully checked in Reiner’s case. Captain Levi got the injection but they don’t know that he is alive or not and also they don’t have enough time to find out Captain Levi. If Hange cuts down Reiner’s head they are not fully certain that it will kill Reiner. Jean is arguing to use the syringe and Hange asks him that how they will defeat that titan if the transform goes fail. Hange asks Mikasa to meet Eren and Armin to check their situation. Mikasa will refill her gas and retrieve that injection syringe from Captain Levi. If she is not succeed in the retrieve she should fire a red signal and they will kill Reiner.. Mikasa follows Hange orders and she is going to Eren and then Captain Levi.

Mikasa goes to Eren and saw that Eren is trying to give breathe to Armin. Eren asks Captain Levi to use that syringe on Armin so he will eat Bertholdt. Levi thinks for a moment and he agrees to give the injection to Armin. Captain Levi pulls out the case of the syringe and Mikasa fires a red flare signal after seeing all this. Hange is ready to kill Reiner but suddenly the Cart Titan attacks on Hange. Jean uses his ODM Gear and pushes Hange away from the attack of Cart Titan. The Cart Titan got the chance and he grabs Reiner with them.

Hange gets up and she saw that Reiner is taken away by the cart titan in its mouth. Titan runs away with Zeke and Reiner. Jean is cursing himself that he stops Hange to kill Reiner, Hange reminds Jean that in the last it was she who made the final call. Hange decides to regroup with the other Scouts.

Captain Levi is going to hand the injection to Eren but suddenly Floch came on the rooftop and he is carrying Commander Erwin on his back. Erwin is seriously wounded but he is still alive. Floch told that he was looking for Captain Levi so the injection can save Commander Erwin from death. Captain Levi confirms that Commander Erwin is still breathing and he announces that he will give the injection to Erwin. Eren is in anger and he reminds Captain Levi that he agreed that he will use the injection on Armin. Captain Levi told that he will revive that guy who can save the humanity. Captain Levi heard that blade is drawn and he looks behind and Mikasa is crying with her weapon in hands.

Zeke is seeing the wall and he noticed that Reiner was very lucky that he is still survived. After seeing Eren and Mikasa’s intentions Captain Levi warns them they should understand first what are they doing. Levi reminds both that Erwin is their Commander and he will use the syringe on him. Eren grabs the syringe in Levi’s hand and Captain Levi orders Eren to keep his emotions in control. Eren asks Levi that why he will not use the syringe on Armin. Captain Levi accepts that Armin was the guy who receiving the injection because he don’t know about the condition of Commander but now the Commander is here so he will receive the injection. Eren tightens his grip on the case and Captain Levi loses his patience and it cause Levi strikes on Eren and that cause Eren flying away and his few teeth are broken. Mikasa is in anger and she charged on Levi and puts her blade on Captain Levi’s throat. Mikasa understand that Captain Levi is weak due to his power consuming fights against the titans. Mikasa is confident that she will take the injection from Levi.

Levi and Floch are urging to Mikasa that they have to save Commander Erwin because he got the talent and experience that will save the humanity in future. Eren can’t speak properly but he asks that it will be not less if they lose Armin. Armin was the guy who discoverd Annie’s real identity and he was the one who came up with a plan to save Trost. He was the guy who thought the soldiers will move in the night and due to Armin they found the real identity of Reiner and Bertholdt. Eren is confident that Armin is the guy who will save humanity not Commander Erwin.

Mikasa tries agains to take the injection from Captain Levi but Floch stands came near her and told her that she is not he only one who had a rough day. Floch tells that all of the Scouts on the other side of the Wall are dead because of the Beast Titan. Erwin came with the plan how to fight with the Beast Titan and Floch’s fellow soldiers were killed as planned by Commander Erwin. Floch found Commander Erwin and he wants to kill him on the spot but he decided that it will be easy for him. He wants Erwin to stay alive and see more of this hell but then he saw that Captain Levi is killing the titans. He reminds that Captain got the syringe and he takes Erwin to him.

Floch also tries to take the injection and Mikasa intercept him, Hange grabs Mikasa and she pull Mikasa away before she strikes on Floch. The rest of the squad arrives and they are seeing that what is happening. Captain Levi gets up and opens the syringe case and he is injecting Erwin. Mikasa is screaming and Hange reminds her that they need Commander Erwin more than anybody else. She knows what it feels to lose their dear ones. Hange is here because Mobilt died to pushing her into the wall and he can’t escape by the fires of Colossal Titan. There are countless people she want to bring back but she have no choices only to keep moving forward. At the time, the guy we need the most is none other than Commander Erwin.

Mikasa stops herself and Captain Levi prepares the injection. Eren pulls Captain Levi’s leg and asks him that if he knows about the location of sea. Eren tells Captain Levi that it was Armin’s dream to look the sea. Captain Levi takes a look at Armin’s body and orders everyone to clear out so he can give the space to Erwin to eat Bertholdt. The group follow the orders and clear the area, Flotch takes Eren away and Captain Levi is now alone with Commander Erwin, Armin and Bertholdt.

Captain Levi drags Bertholdt in position and Levi thinks about the dreams of Erwin and Armin. Levi take Erwin’s arm in his hands to give him the injection but Erwin lifts his arms up and raise his hand. Captain Levi regards Commander Erwin and he asked that if Erwin give up on his dream how is uncle Kenny give up on his dreams. Levi remembers Erwin gratitude for him and Captain Levi makes his choice.

Bertholdt wakes up and see that a small titan is near him. Bertholdt screams and noticed that his fellow friends are watching him from a distance. Bertholdt cries for help but nothing there. He start screaming for Annie and Reiner but Armin’s titan closes its jaws and kills Bertholdt.

Floch asks Captain Levi that he changed his mind. Captain Levi explains that Erwin only became a devil because it was needed for him to command the Scouts. Now he is free but they want him once more to become a devil. In the end Captain Levi decides let Commander Erwin takes rest. Levi apologizes to Erwin that he was not able to kill the beast titan today but he will kill him one day. Hange inspects Commander Erwin and informs that he has passed away. Armin’s titan collapsed on the ground. Eren, Mikasa and others came near the titan and Armin emerges from the titan. Armin is absolutely alright, unharmed and fully healed.


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