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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


The Beast Titan and the other titans are standing outside the Shiganshina District and the Scout Regiment is waiting for them on the top of the wall. Behind the Scouts, Reiner begins to climb the wall. Commander Erwin orders the Scouts to don’t make any fight with the Armored Titan and all Scouts should stay away from the Armored Titan. In the district Eren is asking that why Commander Erwin don’t give the orders to attack on Reiner and the other titans. Hange replies that Erwin is watching the activity of the titans from the top of the wall. It is confirmed that Reiner and the other titans are prepared to take Eren away.

Erwin noticed that there is quadruped type of titan standing beside the Beast Titan and carrying some cargo in a saddle on his back. It is not a new titan and the bunch of titans are the Titan’s Scout in actual. They surely knows about the Scout Regiment’s approach and thinking and it should reported to Reiner. It means that some of them are intelligent titan. Erwin can’t deny the possibility that there can be some other titans like them and the number can be bigger than this.

The Beast Titan roars and the smaller titans of two or three meters stats charging towards the wall. Commander Erwin realize that the titans will go for the horses first because they are trapped on the side which is full of titans. Their main objective is to capture Eren but they will not succeed in this mission until a single Scout is alive. Wall Maria is very deep in titan area and the Scouts are weak for give them a fightback. The large titans are still standing on their position in a semi circle position which concludes that they want to build a titan cage all around the Scouts.

Armin tells Erwin that the Armored Titan is coming close to the wall but still they don’t know about the location of Bertholdt. Commander Erwin listens Armin and tells him at the present time the biggest fear is that the Scouts will lose their horses. Erwin orders Dirk Squad and Marlene Squad to join Klaus Squad on the gate. He gives orders to Levi Squad and Hange Squad to take down the Armored Titan by using their Thunder Spears at the right time. The Scouts are following the order and Commander Erwin calls Captain Levi and Armin back. He tells Captain Levi to stay near the horses to protect them not Eren and then he will take down the Beast Titan when the right opportunity comes. Captain Levi follows the orders and join the other squads at the gate. Commander Erwin tells Armin about his plan regarding the Armored Titan.

The Armored Titan reached at the top of the wall and can see that the smaller titans are fighting against the Scout Regiment. Armored Titan noticed that all the horses are at one place and it will be an easy task for him to kill all the horses. Reiner titan’s inside flesh removes the blade of Captain Levi from his neck and Reiner is thinking that his moving was very slow and that cause the consciousness from his head to his body parts. Reiner saw that Commander Erwin is lonely standing on the wall. He tells himself to focus on the objective and should not distracted by Commander Erwin.

Behind Armored Titan there is a lightning of transformation and he saw that Eren is transformed into its titan and standing in the streets of Shiganshina. Eren is running away from the wall in Shiganshina and it forces Reiner to choose between horses and Eren. Reiner thinks that as a titan Eren can escape through the walls to Trost and it doesn’t matter he has a horse or not. On the other hand if the titans will kill all the Scouts but still Eren can go into the walls if he is in the titan form. Reiner thinks that they can lose the battle if Eren goes out of their hand.

Reiner made his decision that this is a trap because if Eren was trying to escape away he should not transform and surely use his ODM gear. But Eren is transformed so the Scouts are forcing him to show his priority for the Horses or Eren. Reiner is thinking and he came back from the wall and going towards Eren. Few minutes ago, Armin tells Commander Erwin’s instructions to Hange that we should use Eren’s titan as a bait for Reiner. Mikasa can’t get it but Hange tells that if Reiner ignores Eren than Eren can go behind the titans by circle to attack on the Beast Titan and this will also give some support to Captain Levi and the other Scouts. Hange gives orders to stick on Commander Erwin’s plan and Armin reminds them that Bertholdt is still hiding somewhere. Armin tells to Eren that he should fight away from the walls because the last time Eren fights with Reiner he lost due to the Colossal Titan fell on them.

Erein is waiting for Reiner for a combat away from the wall between the Shiganshina. Eren told himself that even if the last time was a fluke but still he beats Reiner. Eren is confident that he can beat him again rather than Annie was better than him. Eren charges up on his fingers and Reiner is approaching to Eren. The combat starts and Eren cuts the strength because they are fighting in the town where Eren lived. Eren strikes on Reiner head and it cracks Reiner’s armor and he is knocked down on the ground.

Outside the Shiganshina city, the new Scout Recruits are protecting the horses in the orders of Klaus Squad. Floch is upset when Marlo asks where to put all these horse and Marlo replies that spread all the horses if you can’t control them. The Senior Scouts are heading for a fight with the small titans. Marlo definers a target but Captain Levi came out of nowhere and attacks two titans at once. Captain Levi saw that the new recruits and the horses are safe so he gives the orders to kill all the small titan before the Beast Titan could make its next move. Captain Levi watches the battlefield and tells that it is really pathetic. On the wall Commander Erwin saw that they lost many veteran soldiers and the Scouts are struggling even facing the small titans. The casualties are many and he is thinking about the sacrifice of the Scouts and realize that the Scouts would never came this far without their soldier’s sacrifice.

Commander Erwin recalls when he was a cadet and he always told others about his father’s theory. He always thought that he is Scout and he will prove it at the right time but after joining the Scout he stopped sharing his father’s theory. Not like the other Scouts who fights for a greater purpose, Erwin realize that he fights for himself and his dreams. When he became the Commander and starts to give the orders and inspire the Scouts, he always make his fellow soldiers fool and inspire them to make sacrifices. But still he wants to see what is inside that basement. It doesn’t matter if this plan not succeed he will surely reach that basement before he dies and analyze what information and truth Grisha Jaeger left behind him.

Eren and Reiner are fighting with each other and Eren got the upper hand over Reiner. He is focusing on the same spot and realize that it is getting stronger. Reiner’s armor is over his whole body but Eren can break it after smashing at the same spot. Eren goes overconfident and can’t read Reiner’s counterattack and he grabs Eren’s titan ankle and loads him over a building. Eren is in trouble Mikasa wants to help her but Hange orders her to wait for sometime to give Eren another chance.

Before they started the mission, Hange shows the whole Scouts about the new developed weapon which is named as the Thunder Spear. The weapon’s technology were kept hidden by the Interior Police. Hange wants a weapon from the army which is effective against the Armored Titan because their blades is not effective against him and they don’t want Eren to fight against Reiner single handedly. Plugging the Wall hole is very important but they have to kill Reiner and Bertholdt which is their main priority.

Eren and Reiner are in a combat with each other and Eren throws Reiner on a building. Reiner realize that he can’t face Eren alone, in the moment Hange charge with their squad and Squad Levi to attack the Armored Titan with the Thunder Spear. Reiner is surprised because he was just expecting the blades by the other soldiers. Mikasa and Hange flying over him with their new weapon Thunder Spears. The rod pipeline shatter in Reiner’s eyes and then explodes and it cause Reiner blind.

Hange Squad and Levi Squad attacks on Reiner from behind with Thunder Spears on Reiner’s nape area. The Scouts have to disengage themselves before they can caught in the range of Thunder Spears explosion. Jean confirms that the weapon works and the armor around Reiner’s nape is shattering. Hange calls for another attack at the same place and finish Reiner off. Conny and Sasha are hesitating to attack on the thought to kill Reiner because he was their fellow soldier. Jean yells at both of them and the three starts their attack with the others for the final blow. Many Thunder Spears are blown and pierced Reiner on his nape and all of them explode.


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