Hawkeye Season 1 Episode 4 Story & Review 

Episode 3 echoes which beautifully shift perspective to echo Maya Lopez now confirm to answer to a guy who probably crushes heads and car doors from hawkeye’s trick arrows to the clever camera work to the cryptic ways.

They make us say uncle there is so much to break down so lets go back through this episode scene बी scene for everything you might have missed. the episode opens with young Maya Lopez i assume age seven or so because their writing workbooks say grade two.

Darnell bisa who plays young Maya looks significantly younger than the other kids in her class which both make us feel her intimidation while also hinting she’s intellectually advanced for her age 2007 is five years before the origin story flashback we saw for kate Bishop and even before tony stark became iron man in 2008 2009.

This episode casts maya as a parallel character to kate but with greater challenges in her journey as a similarly groomed child warrior and by starting her path chronologically earlier. it casts maya as a kind of Soldier kate could turn into if she sticks to the path her mom’s set up for her but it also makes Maya a participant in a chapter of MCU history.

Well underway before tony stark came out of that cave as we also saw with Shang chi’s backstory with the 10 rings the camerawork takes us inside maya’s point of view as she reads her teacher’s lips at one point just showing the word words but this girl is actually way ahead of us.

She completed her worksheet where she wrote games to play are solitaire and I spy since she’s often alone and has advanced observational skills. Also she wants to learn how to play capoeira that’s the Brazilian martial arts style showing this girl’s ambition and when we see adult maya fighting later on.

It seems like she’s pretty well versed in it also she writes she runs as fast as a dragon and she even drew a pretty solid dragon on the worksheet that puts adult kate bishop’s doodles to shame speaking of dragons. Maya shadow puppets as alarger dragon head that eats the bird or hawk a shadow cast by her father william lopez played by the amazing character.

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