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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


Grisha and Fay Jaeger finds that they are in the larger part of the city which is beyond the gate of their neighborhood. They bump with a man who curses them that they are devil bloods and also comments on the other Eldians going to him. Fay is sad but Grisha distracts her by showing the way where airstrips are landing. They goes there and saw a river is stretching out and there is a hanger on the other side of the river.

Fay admires the airship and Public Security Officers ask them that if they are the kids which are seeing the airship or they got their exit permits. Grisha panics and realize that they entered the city without permission. Security Officers gives them the choices to became a labor or they will be beaten by them. They chooses the beating because he don’t want that his parents are in trouble. Grisha offers the officers that he will also take her sister’s punishment because he forced her to came with him.

The other officer tells Kruger to beat Grisha less and he informs her sister that he will escort her to his home. He leads Grisha’s sister away from him. After Grisha’s punishment is finished, Kruger sits near the river on grass and he is smoking and tells Grisha that they are smart because they still wearing their armbands on their arm. Eldians without their armbands would have been sent to paradise by now and it doesn’t matter that they are children or not. Grisha get up and says that he will go to his home but Kruger request them that they came so far to see the airship so they should have saw one.

The next day Grisha’s sister body is in the river and the officer who was escorting her tells Grisha’s parents that she took her back to the Illegal Zone and then came their way. The man shifts the blame on small girls fate and he tells her parents that they should not entered the city without permit and the parents have not taught her well. Grisha is confident that the officer is lying. Grisha’s mother is angry and his father fulfills all the duty and he promises that he will teach better things to his son. Grisha starts to hate both the officers and he is cursing himself for the decision to go inside the walls.

Grisha hears a story by his father about Ymir who made a contract with the Devil of all Earth about 1820 years ago and she got the power of the titans. After her death her spirit splits into nine different titans and creates the Eldian Empire. The Titans defeated Marley country and ruling over it. They begins the Dark Ages and The titans of Ymir suppress the others.

Marley steals seven out of nine titans and he brings them under his control and guidance, it cause him emerging as a winner in the Titan war which was ended eight years ago. The Eldian King at that time was retreated to the island of Paradis and he build three wall and takes as many people as he can with him. Grisha’s ancestors were also abandoned from the country and they lives there because the mercy of Marley.

Grisha saw a man who is his father which is still determined to debase himself on his master’s orders though he lost his daughter. Grisha urges his father that the officer from Public Security was lying about his sister but his father warns him that the house walls are thin and anybody can hear them. Grisha continues the conversation and he speculates that the officer killed his sister.

Grisha’s father is yelling at him and he tries to convince that their ancestors did some horrible things that’s why this is the condition. Grisha claims that they don’t anything wrong he wants to shift all the paradise. His father is angry on him and asking that what is going wrong with him. Grisha looks to his mother which is in tears. Grisha hesitates and he looks at his mother. Grisha’s father accepts that the new Eldians have done nothing for them and that’s why their generation is victimized.

Grisha grows up and he takes over his father’s clinic. He noticed that a patient of him got an odd scars. The man calls that these scars are proof that he is a patriot and he reveals that he knows Grisha’s history and how his sister died. The patriots have an informant in the government and Grisha should hear all the information himself.

In the patriots, Grisha realize and understands all truth about his sister’s death and she was torn apart by the dogs in the end. Grisha is in tears and promises himself that he will take the revenge from the Marleyan. Grisha joins the patriots to correct the world and retake Eldia.

Their informant in the government known as the Owl and he leads the all the information but never reveals himself. He sends all the old documents and it gives all the details to the patriots about their lost history. They knows how Ymir cuts the wild and built the roads for them. Ymir also helped to develop another continent. Grisha concludes that he can’t understand about history but still he believes in Ymir.

His comrades are cheering and a man announced that the Owl sent someone to them. A woman enters the hall and introduce herself as Dina Fritz and she is a descendant of the royal family. She is the last descendant which is alive in this country. Grisha tells the patriots that if they can take the country then there is a chance to control all the titans and recover Marley country. The next year Grisha and Dina marry and they have a son year after named Zeke. Grisha says that Zeke will lead them to the victory.

Few years later, Marley starts to recruit the subjects of Ymir for their Warriors, who will receive one of the seven titans which was early controlled by Marley. The families of the chosen subjects will become Honorary Marleyans. The Owl tells them that Marley is preparing for a new technology which will dominate for the titans. Grisha confirms that now Marley have the same objective like them to infiltrate the Walls and capture the founding titan. The patriots are sad that Marley can beat them but Grisha have a solution for them. He says that Zeke will become a warrior.

Grisha and Dina removes the Eldian history of their son. Grisha realize that he is doing the same thing which was done by his father to him. He wonders that he never thought about Zeke as his son rather than thinking as a child of royal blood. Zeke chooses to protect himself and his grandparents and Grisha and Dina are captured the Public Security. They are torutured to reveal the identity of the owl but Grisha says that he told everything to them. They don’t believe on Grisha and he lost all his fingers.

Grisha is taken to the wall near ocean, he finds that he is near a desert. Grisha guess that this must be the paradise. The man standing behind Grisha confirms that this is the Paradies, the area for the Eldian traitors. In the paradise Grisha will now served as a titan. Grisha recalls the guy as senior officer is the same guy who beats him on the river in his childhood. Kruger is surprised that Grisha remembers him. Another patriot is crying behind the officer and the patriot ask Grisha that why Zeke betrayed them. He calls himself that he was an idiot because he trusts Grisha and the patriots.


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