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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


The Scout Regiment under the leadership of Commander Erwin is leading towards wall Maria and around the sunset they starts their marching. They wants to reclaim the area they lost to the titans five years ago. In a forest in the night, they saw a titan, but it seems that it is sleeping that’s why the titan is not reacting on the humans presence. Hange analyze that the titan who can move in night are not some new species, the titans are not active because they are travelling in a moonless night like today. On full moon night the moon reflects on the surface like sun.

The Scouts leaves that titan alone and Eren feels some pressure of the operation because every one is relying on him for the success of the mission. Mikasa and Armin feels Eren is nervous. Eren tells them he is shaking because there is very cold out there. Armin tries to comfort Eren by telling him that he is shaking as well. He asks Eren the last time when he afraid from Titans. Most of the people are terrified from Titan and Armin himself was in horror when a titan’s eats him but Eren pulls him out from Titan’s mouth. Armin asks Eren how he done that thing.

Eren replies that he recalls when Armin showed him the book which tells the outside world beyond the walls and he realize that they are trapped in the walls by the Titan. He don’t know why but he wants to take their freedom back and that feeling gives him the needed strength. Eren is feeling better now and he thanks Armin. Eren also bets with Armin that next year they will surely looking at the sea. Mikasa stops and she realize that the woods are familiar and she understands that it is the place where she and Eren came to gather firewood. One of the Scouts calls that they have found a trail. Eren, Mikasa and Armin understands that they almost reached to their hometown.

The day arrives, the Scouts are charging on horses to Shiganshina. They almost reached to the city and the Scouts are shifted to Omni Directional Mobility Gear and scaling the walls. Erwin’s plan starts and they are sealing the two gates of Shiganshina. It will seal the town and it will allow the Scouts to eliminate all the titans in the city. To avoid the titans coming from outside the wall Eren is sealing the outside wall first. All the Scouts are covering their hoods on their head to hide Eren’s identity.

Eren is emotional when he came on the wall and saw his hometown. Captain Levi tells Eren to hurry and Squad Levi follows the orders of the Captain. Armin stops and realize that there are signs of fire on the wall. He goes to Erwin and tells him that Reiner and Bertholdt are watching them. On the outer wall, Hange confirms that there is no titan around us. Hange also finds it strange but Levi tells her to stick with the plan. Hange agrees and fires the green signal to announce that everything is okay on their wall.

Eren is running on the wall and dives down and bites himself to transform into titan. On an unknown location Reiner and Bertholdt are watching the light by Eren’s transformation. Eren’s transformation was successful and the crystal ice seals the hole of the wall. Eren came outside from his titan’s nape and Mikasa pulls him over. Eren joins his rest of the squad. Eren’s ODM Gear is fine but he lost his cloak during the transformation and Mikasa gave her cloak to Eren.

The Scouts signal the Green Flare which shows that they seals the hole of the outer gate and they starts to complete the mission by putting their hoods on head. Eren can’t believe that he plugged the outer gate so easily without any problem. Captain Levi tells him that the titans will break the gate as long as they exists. The operation will not end until they kills Reiner, Bertholdt and the other abnormal titans.

Commander Erwin and Dirk looks at the green signal which shows that the outer gate is sealed. Dirk tells that they didn’t even saw a single titan yet, it seems that the enemies were unprepared but it looks unreal. Erwin wants to reply but interrupted by Armin which tells about his discovery of three people’s existence.

Armin got some clues that somebody was camping inside the town. He got cooking supplies and fire were scattered on the ground near the wall. He saw three cups and it seems like they were drinking black tea. There were three cups so it looks that there are at least three people near the Wall.

Commander Erwin is surprised and he asked Armin if the pot was cold and Armin replied in yes. Commander Erwin analyze that the Scouts were charged on full speed and used their ODM Gear but still the campers have enough time to hide themselves and scratch the clues. Armin is confident that there must be more than three persons near the wall. Armin is wondering that the Scouts should know about the enemies existence near the walls.

Erwin realize that Armin is very clever so he orders Armin to take as many soldiers as he wants to locate the exact position of the enemies. The soldiers are gathered near Armin and they are asking for the orders by their new Captain. Armin hesitates because it is his first time as captain but still he gives orders. Armin and the Squad departs with the orders, Dirk noticed that Eren’s group is approaching to them. Dirk asks Erwin that they should stop until they find enemies or the mission should be continue and Erwin gives the order about continuing the mission.

Armin is surprise that why the enemies are still hidden and don’t reveal himself and why the Scouts can’t find them yet. He is thinking that the titans always attacks on them with unpredictability because they are very slow to think about their enemy’s strategy. Armin is hanging on the wall and he recalls the Wall Titan in Stohess district. He fires the flare to recall all the soldiers and gives the orders to search inside the walls. They should search of a space in the wall where a person can hide himself.

Commander Erwin is listening to Armin and he flares red signal to inform Hange, Captain Levi and Eren to halt the operation for some time. Hange and her squad is on the outer gate and holding their position according to Erwin’s orders. Erwin tells the soldiers on inner gate to listen to Armin. The inner gate soldiers are split into two groups and checking the sides of the wall. The search continues on the wall and Conny is wondering that what the soldiers are doing and Jean tells him that this must be a strategy. Eren is wondering that Armin figured out something which will be good for the Scouts.

Armin believes that if the enemies can see what Eren and the Scouts are doing than they must be in the wall. One Scout signals that he got a place in the wall but the wall opens and Reiner came outside and cuts the soldier with his blades. Reiner emerges outside the wall but Captain Levi dives down from the wall at Reiner and slice his neck. With another sword Captain Levi stabs Reiner torso and Reiner fell on the ground. Captain Levi is surprised that Reiner is still alive. Levi pulls out his blades from Reiner’s chest and Reiner hits on the ground. Captain Levi is wondering that there must be any titan power who keeps Reiner alive from this blow.

Reiner is wounded but still he transforms into the Armored Titan. Erwin calls the soldiers to look around for Reiner’s allies. A bunch of titan transformation occurred behind Erwin. He turns back and see a bunch of titans and The Beast Titan.

The Beast Titan grabs a boulder in his hand and throws on the wall. Beast titans seals the hole of the inner gate and it prevents the Scouts to bring their horses from the gate. The horses are now outside the inner gate, the Scouts can’t run away without the horses and they must kill all the titans now. Commander Erwin

The Beast Titan hefts a boulder and throws it in a perfect arc at the Wall. It plugs the hole in the inner gate, preventing the Scout Regiment from bringing their horses through. With the horses trapped on the Titan side of the inner gate, their enemy will be able to take them out to prevent the Scout Regiment’s escape and then annihilate the Scouts themselves. Commander Erwin tells himself that the Scouts and the Titans both want a chance to settle everything once and this is it.


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