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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


The military is discussing the facts of Grisha Jaeger in his books and Military Police publish the most of the contents in the newspaper for the people of the walls. Dot Pyxis suggests that doing this thing will make them as same as the last kings. Queen Historia decides that she will announce the truth they would return the memories of King Reiss which were taken away. All people of the walls have to share the same fate and that makes them unite.

The news goes out and Hange and Captain Levi are meeting with the journalists Roy and Peaure. Both are trying to understand what is actually the people are learning and reading. Peaure is con concerned that they will be attacked by any enemy in the future who will obtain their land and resources and the enemy’s attack was started five years ago when Colossal Titan arrives. Roy is concerned about the believability of the Scouts Regiment but Hange tells him that it is what they already know.

Roy tells them according to people the reactions are mixed for the journal of Grisha’s Jaeger. Some people are accepting it and some others don’t, some thinks that it can be some kind of conspiracy. The people’s reaction on the current situation is mixed and the wall became chaotic these days. Hange understands the Scouts work is find the finding and report to the others and now it is up to the people to believe it or not. This a thing they are doing better than the previous king. Roy admires for the clarity of reports and Captain Levi asks him to write an article who pats the Scouts. Roy is wondering that what will become of the Scouts because they are now looking to the rest of the world as they were looking for the titans.

The Military Ceremony starts, Hitch greets the surviving Scouts and she calls them the heroes of the Walls. The Scouts are surprised to see her and Jean calls a few words about Marlo and tells that he was very brave till the end. Jean tells Floch to continue and he tells that Marlo was an inspiration for us in the final moments but Marlo should have regrets his choice to join the Scouts in the end.

Hitch leaves by saying that she will surely laugh if Floch screws this ceremony of today. Jean questions Floch for his non sense remarks for Marlo but Floch defends his words. He says that everybody should knows about the truth. It is the same thing to save between Erwin and Armin. Floch tells Armin that he still believes that Commander Erwin was the right choice rather than him and he is not the only one who is thinking the same. Most of the people present in the hall are thinking the same.

Eren defends Armin and ask Floch that what does he knows about Armin but Floch replies that this is the reason why he don’t trust Eren. He don’t know Armin because he is not Armin’s childhood friend. Floch said that Armin was saved because Eren and Mikasa allowed their personal feelings in front of Captain Levi. Eren shouts on Floch to shut his mouth. Floch refuses that he won’t back down and he accused Eren that he always thinks he is right and he never gives up. Mikasa tries to calm Eren down and Floch praises Mikasa that she is trying to behave like an adult like she did on that day. She was backed down in the end but Eren was telling Captain Levi that he is right upto the final moments. Floch’s observation make Mikasa shock and it cause her back down.

Jean apart Floch and Eren before they continues and he tells Floch to not do all things at the funeral of their fellow commanders. Conny also tries to calm down the situation by telling them that the past won’t help them now. Floch points out on Jean and Conny that they were silent on that day and didn’t tried to acted against Eren for Commander Erwin. They were watching the debate. Floch also asks that why they are receiving the medals and for whom this funeral actually is. Floch wants that the Scouts should tell the truth to all before more recruits like him are enlisted in the Scouts.

Armin agrees with Floch, he accepts that Commander Erwin should alive. Eren tries to convince Armin and his dreams about what is beyond those walls, the sea, the water and the land of ice. Eren says that behind the walls is freedom but suddenly he stops because his father’s memories come back and he remembers what happens to Grisha’s sister Fay. Captain Levi came and tell his squad the they should line up now for the ceremony.

The nine survived scouts from the reclaiming of wall Maria kneels and Historia presents medals for them. Historia presents medal to Hange, Captain Levi and then Eren. Eren is wondering what they actually found in the basement, it was a hope or despair for them. Eren knows that he can sacrifice his own life but it won’t make a difference but he can’t do the same with Historia because she have the royal blood. Eren can’t decide what to do and also he can’t talk with anyone about this.

Historia places the medal on Eren’s neck and he kisses her hand and it triggers Eren to his father’s memories again. He is seeing the Reiss family in the chapel and Grisha tells that he is an Eldian who came from beyond the wall. Grisha tells that the king of the wall will kill the titans attacking on them. He lost his wife and children in the hope that rest of the people should get killed. Eren is reliving the memory and Historia and the Scouts are noticing that something is wrong with Eren.

The time passed and winter arrives in the walls. The giant sledge made to crush the titans outside Trost District is unused from a few time. The Spring arrives and the military announces that all the Titans inside the Wall Maria are killed and after a year reclaiming Wall Maria, now the refugees are allowed to return their home. After almost six years the Scout successfully reclaim Wall Maria for people. The Scouts are no going to explore the land outside Wall Maria.

Hange is in doubt that the titans were moved inside the Wall Maria during the attack so the outside land will be free of the titans. They were riding and they saw a red flare signal which indicates that there is an existence of titan. They goes near it and saw that the titan is immobile due to the limbs. Eren came near the titan without frear and touches his head. He announced that he is fellow patriot who was shipped to paradise. Eren tells the Scouts to continue because they are close to the new world. Floch asks that they will kill this titan or not.

The Scouts leaves without killing the titan and they reached to the sandy desert according to Grisha’s book. They saw the wall where might be the restorationists were pushed from to became the titans. Hange leads the Scouts and the wall ends after a while. They are now seeing the view of the sea. The Scouts are stunned to see a huge amount of water till the horizon.

They goes down to the shore and Armin grabs a seashell. Conny is splashing water at Sasha and Jean is complaining that the water is salty. Hange is amazed to see that the entire sea is made of salt water and Captain Levi warns Hange that there might be something poisonous. Mikasa smile when she stands in the shore.

Armin is happy and he tells Eren that is just feels the same as he said. The sea where the merchants can’t take all the salt in their entire life. Eren goes a little ahead in the see and points out that on the other side of the wall, they will find the freedom. They have explored beyond the walls and he also relived his father’s memories and now Eren is thinking about the enemies waiting for them on that side of the ocean. Eren points out on the other side of the ocean and asks the Scouts will they finally be free.

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