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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 08-

Episode 8 titled “I Can Hear His Heartbeat: The Struggle for Trost, Part 4 “Yamiyo no Ressha” released on May 26, 2013, under The Struggle for Trost arc


The episode starts with Armin, Mikasa, and Conny. Armin wishes to leave behind as he don’t want to be a burden for both of them. Mikasa and Conny prepares themselves to go for HQ. Armin knows that they can’t cross all the Titans and he looks back on the Good Titan. The Good Titan was continuously killing the other Titans.

He stops and makes a suggestion to Mikasa and Conny that we have to make The Good Titan to follow us and go to HQ. It will make our way easy and the Good Titan will able to kill more titans in our way. It will also give a chance to our cadets to reassemble and refill the gas. Conny shouted on Armin that it is a completely stupid plan and we can not believe on a titan. When Mikasa agree on Armin’s suggestion she told Conny that we will not able to make our way to HQ. As we are running out of gas and three cadets are going on Two gas containers.

In the last Mikasa and Conny agree with Armin. The three cadets follow the Good Titan and help him. The Good Titan redirects his way towards the HQ. Jean can’t rescue and he is watching Tom killed by a Titan. Jean questions himself and his ability to lead the Military Soldiers in a battle. He realizes that the Titans are going somewhere else and we can use their diversion. He suddenly ordered the Cadets to go through the HQ. Jean is caught by a Titan, but he was energized at that moment. He slices off the Titan’s finger and escapes from its grip. Marco thanks Jean for his instant decision-making ability that saves every bodies life from his group.

Most cadets from Jean’s group reach the HQ building and a few have died in the way. Jean came into a building by crashing through the window glasses. Slowly other cadets also reached the building by crashing the window glasses. Jean notices two members from his cadets who were actually the suppliers in this mission. He pulls a cadet and punches him in his face. Jean shouted that they were cowards and they abandoned their members. Jean said that they don’t provide the gas supply to them and that’s why they came here fighting with the Titans for gas. Marco pulls of Jean as they were arguing. At that very moment, a giant Titan punch the HQ building and destroy the building’s wall. Another titan arrived on the wall and Jean is seeing them. Jean can’t do anything in front of them. Jean sees another Titan who punched down those two titans. The next second he saw Mikasa, Conny, and Armin who came in the HQ building with the Good Titan.

They point out the good titan and tells everybody that the good titan don’t attack humans. Jean and other cadets are shocked to see the good titan. Mikasa convinces every cadet that we can use the good titan against other titans. The good titan throws and kills other titans who are near the HQ building. Good titan punches the other titan and kicks some of the titans which are smaller in size.

The distraction is made by the Good Titan, the cadets reached on the ground floor with gas supply. Reiner asks a question Conny about that good titan. Conny suggests that we will talk about him if we can escape the Titan’s attack. Jean brings some firearms which were for the Military soldiers. Armin makes a good plan by using those firearms. He told everybody that we should divide into two groups. We can use the lift and go in front of the titans. We will divide into 7-7 cadets each into two groups. We will use the guns to make the 7 titans blind at a time. Before the titans reengage the other 7 will attack titan’s weak point behind their neck. All the cadets were agreed on Armin’s strategy against the Titans.

7 cadets were in the list and that goes in front of the titans. The cadets were in their position. Reiner told Conny to shoot on their weak spot and that is up their ass. The other cadets finds it funny that they never heard this kind of weak spot. They were in the lift in front of the titans and one titan came close to them. Reiner ordered that the titan have to closest for a better attack. When 7 Titans came in front of them they fire at once. Suddenly the other 7 cadets were in a position to attack titans by their swords on their weak spot. The other 7 incudes Mikasa, Reiner, Annie, Bertholdt, Jean, Conny and Sasha. They attacked the titans on their weak spot. Sasha and Conny failed and missed to attack on the weak spot. In the end, Mikasa and Annie save both of them by killing the two titans. After killing all the titans, the cadets start refilling their gas for tomorrow.

Marco and Jean were talking about leadership when they filling the gas. Marco told Jean that he is not strong and that’s why he can judge the mindset of every cadet who is strong and weak. The very next day, all cadets were preparing to fight the titans. Mikasa pinned out on the good titan which is attacked by several titans. Mikasa suggests the group that we should help the good titan. Jean was not convinced as he told everybody that we can’t believe on a titan because in the last he is a titan.

Reiner agrees that we will save this titan because this will tell us more about these deadly titans. Annie replies that this good titan can be turned out to be a potential ally for us in the future. Suddenly Armin identify the titan who killed Thomas was running towards the good titan. The good titan angrily ran towards that titan and grab his neck. Good Titan shattered the other titan’s neck and throws the other titans who were attacking on him. Good titan makes a final roar and fell on the ground. Titan’s hand were broken and he was running out of strength.

The good titan was completely vanished and his body were destroyed. Everybody saw a man emerges from the Good Titan’s body. The others were in shock to see this scenario but Mikasa realizes that it is Eren. She ran towards him and hugged him. She was checking Eren’s heartbeat and find that it’s beating. He was alive but unconscious. Armin also realize after a second that it’s his friend Eren. He grabs his hands and crying. Jean from the rooftop said that it was Eren who killed all the other titans. We are alive today because of Eren.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Eren Jaeger/Attack Titan
  2. Colossal Titan (recap)
  3. Mina Carolina (recap)
  4. Thomas Wagner (recap)
  5. Nack Tierce (recap)
  6. Armin Arlelt
  7. Mikasa Ackermann
  8. Conny Springer
  9. Jean Kirschtein
  10. Sasha Braus
  11. Marco Bodt
  12. Annie Leonhart
  13. Reiner Braun
  14. Bertholdt Hoover
  15. Peering Titan (killed)


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