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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 07-

The episode starts with the scene of the Titans continuously destroying the Trost City. The cadets who are alive and in charge are lacking the supply of gas. Captain Woermann doesn’t leave the Head Quarter. He thinks that without soldiers the Titans can attack all the population. Woermann says that he has to go to face the Titans and some other cadets should stay among people. But the top military can’t give him permission and he has to stay in the inner gates. Captain Woermann becomes angry on this decision but he can’t do anything and stays in the inner gates to protect the people.

The scene shifts to The cadets who are fighting with the Titans. Mikasa came with a group of Titans which is still alive. Mikasa noticed that all cadets need the supply from the HQ. But due to the circumstances, any cadet can’t go to HQ and refill the supplies. Inside the HQ, there are some soldiers which are hidden and don’t want to find and killed by the Titans. One soldier is the cleaning and reloading his gun. Another soldier ask him that what he will do with this gun in front of these deadly Titans. Without giving any answer to his fellow soldier he just put the barrel in his mouth and shoots himself. The scenario create a big amount of horror among soldiers and they shouted badly.

Conny is talking with demoralized Jean because everyone is lacking the gas and without the gas they can’t face the Titans. There are no suppliers who can supply gas to them from HQ. Conny suggests that all should go to HQ because there is no other option left in front of them. They will finish the Titans which is in way towards the HQ. Jean knows that there are very low numbers of cadets and lacks a good leader among them. If all the cadets go towards HQ some will surely eaten by the Titans. Sasha is providing a point to everybody but no one is listening to her because all are demoralized.

Some cadets which are not demoralized was Annie, Reiner, Bertholdt and Marco. Annie asks Reiner what to do in this situation. Reiner suggests that we should regather first and make our numbers more to fight the Titans. Marco starts to lose hope to be alive and thinking about his death. Suddenly Mikasa arrives from nowhere and she is looking for Eren. Annie point towards Armin who was with Eren. When Armin heard the voice of Mikasa, he felt stressed because she will surely ask for Eren. Mikasa asks for Eren to Armin and he tells her that all cadets are died from Squad 34. Mikasa was emotionless and doesn’t know how to react on this news. Mikasa tells Armin that there is no mean to be emotional right now as we are fighting with the Titans. Armin goes to her feet, she makes him a little bit comfortable. Mikasa goes to Marco and tells him that all the cadets have to head towards HQ for gas.

When Mikasa is ready for HQ the rest of the cadets are still demoralized. She told everybody that she is strong and she don’t need any other to kill those Titans. She calls the other cadets cowards and told them that they will be finished soon. She tells them if she wins, she will kill all the titans and go to HQ. Everyone was silent and Jean shouted and make the order everyone to follow Mikasa. Every cadets moves with a new determination under the leadership of Mikasa.

Mikasa is leading from front and killing all the Titans coming in the way. Armin from behind notices that Mikasa is using too much gas and it won’t last for a long time. Armin also realizes that Mikasa is suffering with the loss of Eren but she is not telling anybody. Armin’s predictions soon become reality and the gas quadrant of Mikasa goes empty. Mikasa fells from a building on the ground and crashed. Armin and Conny leaves to make Mikasa safe. Jean is leading the cadets now towards HQ. Mikasa fell on a Market Tent, she is thinking that she lost her family again. She was questioning herself to what to do, suddenly a giant Titan came towards her.

On the other hand, Jean and other cadets were surrounded by some Titans. A cadet among them is out of gas and caught by a Titan. A cadet came to help him but she is also caught by other Titan. Though, Mikasa stows her blades from sword and visualize her life in this world. She believes that she had a good life. A Titan is coming towards Mikasa when the Titan came closer she cuts her palm and evades its grasp. Titan attacks on her again but she is doing wonders to make herself safe from the Attack of Titan.

She is thinking that what is the thing which is keeping her from letting die. Another Giant Titan appears from behind of Mikasa. She remembers the scene when Eren was commanding her to make fight in their childhood. She promises herself that she won’t die easily and always remember Eren. The Titan from behind came towards her and surprisingly punches the other Titan on its face. Titan destroys the other titan and threw its face some meters away.

Mikasa was shocked when she saw this. The Titan makes a road and follow other Titan. Stunned Mikasa follow the Titan and she saw another Titan was killed by this Titan. Armin and Conny came to Mikasa to ensure that she is safe. All three were on a rooftop, Mikasa is still focusing on that Good Titan. She is still out of answer and thinking.

Conny spots that Titan and tells Mikasa that this Titan will kill them. Mikasa tells him that this Titan is not like others, he is a good one. The Good Titan goes to another titan and they both roared loudly. All three of them was shocked that the good titan was preparing with the other for a combat. The Good Titan delivers a punch on the neck of other Titan. The neck goes on the bell tower of the town. The force of the punch by the good titan was so much that a big amount of flesh was gone with the punch. Good Titan recovers his flesh on hand after few seconds. Armin thought that this Titan lack any kind of interest in humans. Mikasa noticed that Good Titan is using the combat facilities. Armin focuses on the gas again and gives his own gas container and sword blades to Mikasa.

Mikasa realizes that Armin is shattered by the death of Eren. Armin wants to leave himself with the empty gas container and a broken blade of Mikasa. Mikasa takes the broken blade and promised Armin that she will leave him behind between these titans.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Armin Arlelt
  2. Eren Jaeger (recap)
  3. Mikasa Ackermann
  4. Colossal Titan (recap)
  5. Armored Titan (recap)
  6. Hannes (recap)
  7. Kitz Woermann
  8. Jean Kirschtein
  9. Conny Springer
  10. Sasha Braus
  11. Marco Bodt
  12. Reiner Braun
  13. Bertholdt Hoover
  14. Annie Leonhart
  15. Daz
  16. Tom (killed)
  17. Mysterious Titan

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