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About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 06-

AOT episode 06 released on May 12, 2013, titled The World the Girl Saw – Battle for Trost (2) (Crunchyroll) under The Struggle for Trost arc in which She recalls the day six years ago when Eren saved her from bandits who killed her parents, the day she received her scarf and began considering Eren as family.



Squad 34 including Thomas Wagner, Nack Tierce, Milieus Zeremski, Mina Carolina, and his best friend Eren Jaeger are all dead. Eren puts her life at stake to save Armin, which causes her to cry early in episode 06 and say that she is a burden on the team. It seems that Eren’s life is lost because of that.

Conny Springer sees Armin in this condition and asks what happened to all the other members? Armin looks at her but cannot speak. After seeing all this Christa says “They are all dead! But Conny replied” Armin has not said anything yet! But Christia said is not it obvious from just looking around? We do not have any more time to waste on him Conny is about to fight her, but Christa breaks them up and attempts to calm everyone down.

After this Armin leaves her and remembers her old days how Mikasa or Eren used to protect her because she was weak. It is because of them that she is still alive but on the way she sees Hanna’s Diament which is giving CPR to Franz Kefka.

The Titans killed Franz, but Hanna refused to believe that he had died. Hanna tells Armin to help her too as Franz is unable to breathe. But Armin finds out that he has died.

The same people and all the people who have gathered at the base of the wall rose to go inside the inner gate. But a merchant’s wagon loads of good gets stuck in that gate, due to which he speaks to everyone that everyone should help take it inside. Shortly, abnormal titans come running towards them. Seeing which all people get scared and an atmosphere of panic is created.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 6 {Mikasa_vs_titan}

The speed of that titan is so much that even the elite soldiers are unable to chase him. Mikasa quickly overtakes and dispatches it with little effort and Kills the abnormal titan. She sees that people are still standing on the base of Wall Maria, seeing that she gets angry. The merchant tells Mikasa to help him and to get the desired reward in return. Miki goes to the merchant with her sword and speaks to the merchant with her sword that she will lift her load from it or else she will kill him.

In this way, the merchant retreats, and all the people go to the inner wall. A little girl thanks Mikasa and all the members salute this action of Mikasa.

On seeing the girl, Mikasa remembers about her past, how some people killed her family. Eren and Grisha Jaeger { Eren Father} come to meet Mikasa’s family but no one opens the gate even after knocking on the door for a long time. Dr. Grisha Jeger wanted them to become friends.


After a long time, Grisha feels that there is something wrong because no reply was coming from inside. As soon as they open the door, they get the dead body of Mikasa’s parents. He informs the Military Police Regiment and tells Eren to wait on the mountain.

But even sets out to save Mikasa and kills a bandit. In this way, he saves the life of Mikasa, and the two become friends. From that day onwards, Mikasa also stays with Eren’s family.


The bell signaling the evacuation is finished and that the soldiers can retreat is sounded. Ian calls for Mikasa to go up the Wall, but she leaves to help the vanguard.


She concludes that even in these harsh conditions, she has a family and that with Eren, she can do anything.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Conny Springer
  2. Armin Arlelt
  3. Ymir
  4. Christa Lenz
  5. Mikasa Ackermann
  6. Eren Jaeger (flashback)
  7. Franz Kefka (corpse)
  8. Hanna Diament
  9. Dimo Reeves
  10. Ian Dietrich
  11. Mikasa’s mother (killed in a flashback)
  12. Mikasa’s father (killed in a flashback)
  13. Grisha Jaeger (flashback)
  14. Bandits (killed in a flashback)

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