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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 05-

It was a very exciting episode the episode starts from the scene where Eren is running on the top of the wall. Colossal Titan is charging on the wall and destroys the top portion of the wall. Eren saw the Titan which is aiming at the cannons and also destroyed the main gate. After doing all these things Eren realizes that The Colossal Titan is intelligent and knows his target. By using the Omni-directional mobility gear Eren ran towards Colossal Titan. Titan makes an attack on Eren but Eren was really fast and saves himself from this attack.

The Colossal Titan releases a big amount of hear and that make Eren slow. Eren makes his movement fast and goes on the top of the Colossal Titan. He strikes on the back of Titan’s head with his sword. Suddenly he is falling towards ground and save himself on the wall. The Titan was gone. On the other hand the other soldiers begin their attempts to stop the deadly titans. They want to stop the scenario which was happened five years ago. All the civilians are going into the walls. The responsibility of this evacuation was given to the new recruits.

Armin was exhausted and panics on the situation. He thinks that the Titans will kill him and the others. On a unknown place, Dot Pyxis is playing chess with Lord Wald on King’s Palace. Lord is complaining that Pyxis is not improving his game though he is playing chess every month. Suddenly a soldier ran towards the room and tells the message that Colossal Titan destroyed the gate of Trost District. A glass full of champagne fall down from the hands of Lord Wald after hearing this news. Dot Pyxis takes the Wald’s bottle and make it empty. He told the Lord that he is going to Trost to stop the Titans. Lord Wald tries to stop him, Lord claims that Pyxis’s actual duty is to protect the Lord and his property. Pyxis leaves the Lord’s Palace.

In Trost, the conditions are going worse. Woermann gives orders to all the cadets and divided them into some groups. There were different objectives for the cadets- Protects the civilians, Protect the Wall, Supply the weapons on the wall. After hearing these objectives all the new cadets where in shock. Jean walks from the area in anger, he was thinking that he supposed to be in the military area on the very next day. In reality today he is facing the titans and don’t even know that he will survive or not. After seeing the condition of Jean, Eran came towards him and makes him remember that he survived after the three years of deadly training. He will surely survive in front of these Titans.

Mikasa came to Eren and tells him that she will look Eren if there will be any kind of trouble against him. Both were interrupted by Ian Dietrich who gave the order to Mikasa that she is assigned for the special rear squad. Mikasa argues with Ian’s decision and Ian told her that she have to follow this. Eren told Mikasa that to save mankind nobody cares about your choice. She have to follow the orders. In the last, Mikasa asks Eren to not to die against Titans.

Eren recalls something from his past. In a class lecture the commandant was reading a book about Titans. Eren was shocked to see Titan’s regeneration. Lecturer told the students that there is a weak spot about Titans. The weak spot was behind their neck. He told that if you make the attack on Titan’s neck from behind he will become weaker. After remembering this Eren and Armin came back into the present and waiting for the orders.

Eren inspires his group cadets that this the chance to do good against the Titans. He told Armin that if we will kill Titans today then we will get a higher ranking in Scout Regiment. All the cadets become inspired and want to prove themselves. They were going towards the Titans. Suddenly all the cadets were targeted by a Titan who jumps on them. After few seconds they realizes that all are fine. When they see that Titan they realizes that Thomas is in Titan’s mouth. Before they can do anything to save his friend he was eaten by the Titan. This scenario makes all cadets afraid.

Eren full of anger running forward towards the Titan and deflected by another Titan which bites his leg. It makes Eren fall down on a house. The other cadets were in shocked to see a group of Titans. All group members were killed. Seeing this scenario, Armin was in a horror state. Armin was seen by a Titan, then the Titan grab Armin in his hand.

Eren who is not in full consciousness sees Armin. Suddenly he recalls his childhood when they were in Shiganshina, One day Armin came looking for Eren. Armin was carrying a book full of information about the outside world behind these walls. Armin wish that both can see the outer world one day.

Eren came back in present and standing in the Titan’s mouth to save Armin with his sword in the mouth of Titan. Armin came outside from Titan’s mouth and told Eren to came outside too. It was too late for Eren to came with Armin. Eren told Armin that he will go to the outside world. The Titan shuts his mouth and Eren goes inside the Titan’s body. Armin shouted so badly and loudly. On the other place, Mikasa heard Armin’s voice and looks in that direction. She feels that something is not good.

The Episodes ends here.

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