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About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 04-

Reiner helps Armin and takes his bag
Reiner helps Armin and takes his bag

AOT episode 04 released on April 28, 2013, titled The Night of the Closing Ceremony: Humanity’s Comeback, Part 2 (Crunchyroll) under Humanity’s Comeback arc in which Eren learns to spar with Annie as she notes the absurd system the military operates by. Eren later uses Annie’s technique against Jean during an argument.

Season 1 Episode 4 starts with year 850, 104th Cadet Corps are doing their military training for more than two years. In the very first scene, all the cadets are running into a jungle with weighted backpacks on their backs.

Armin Arlelt is completely exhausted by the backpacks and continuously scolded by their commandant Keith Sadies. When Reiner Braun saw the condition of Armin, he comes for help by picking Armin’s backpacks. Sadies saw both of them but didn’t react anything. Sadies analyze every recruit’s performance and their abilities from last 2 years.

After the jungle training, all the cadets are practicing hand-to-hand combat fights and Eren disarms Reiner. Eren helps Reiner to stand up again by giving his hand to him. Reiner told Eren to switch their roles in the combat. Suddenly Eren said that there is no use of such combats when you are fighting the deadly Titans. A memory of Eren’s childhood was shown during this conversation. The memory shows that Eren is standing over a man’s body with a broom.

Reiner shows disagreement with Eren’s argument and told him that there will be such kind of situations in the future where the soldiers can not fly in the sky and hand-to-hand combat will be decisive for them. Reiner said that it is the responsibility of the soldiers to prepare for every kind of fight and scenario. This is the reason that hand-to-hand combat is mandatory for the soldiers.

While this conversation, Reiner, and Eren find that Annie Leonhart has no interest in this combat and she is avoiding the hand-to-hand practice. They both make a plan to teach Annie a lesson that every training is important. Reiner invites Annie for combat with Eren.


Eren launch at her, suddenly Annie swap Eren’s legs and make him to the ground. Annie walks away from the combat and Reiner tells her that the combat is not finished yet. Annie drops Eren again on the ground on his head. She walks again from this combat and Eren tells Reiner that now you should have combat with Annie. Reiner thinks for a while and prepares his move to attack Annie. In the very next scene, we saw Reiner and Eren in the same position on the ground. Annie walks away after this combat.

Eren asks Annie about her impressive fighting technique and asks her where she learns this fighting technique. She told him that she had learned this technique from her father. Annie believes that this combat is useless and doesn’t matter for the rankings of all cadets. Nobody is taking seriously this fight among all the cadets. Annie believes that the Top 10 graduates are the most effective fighters against Titans, but they will join the king’s military force to be safe.


The next scene comes up with the dinner, Armin explains to everybody while at dinner that there is an incentive for the cadets who is familiar with the omnidirectional mobility gear. On the other hand, Eren is focusing on Jean’s discussion with Marco on the topic of the use of gas in Omni Directional Gear. Jean and Marco were discussing that how the advanced technology will allow Armin to rank higher and join the Military Police.

Eren criticizes Jean that he wants to join the Military Police to be safe in the inner walls. Eren and Jean came close to a fight during this argument. Mikasa came between them and breaks up the fight. We all know that Jean was already jealous in the last episode because of Eren and Mikasa’s togetherness. When Eren was backing off Jean came close and wants to punch him. Eren uses Annie’s technique and applies to Jean. Jean was quickly on the ground and this resolves the situation among them.

Jean was surprised and ask Eren that where he learned this technique. Suddenly Sadies enters the hall and finds that there were some noises from the hall. Mikasa handles the situation and said that Sasha Braus is letting out a large fart and that was the noise.

Finally, the day comes when the Top 10 candidates were announced and join the Military Police. Here is the list of Top 10 Cadets from the 104th Cadet Corps-

The 10 Top Cadets in the 104th Cadet Corps

Number 10: Christa Lenz
Number 9: Sasha Braus
Number 8: Conny Springer
Number 7: Marco Bodt
Number 6: Jean Kirschtein
Number 5: Eren Jaeger
Number 4: Annie Leonhart
Number 3: Bertholdt Hoover
Number 2: Reiner Braun
Top: Mikasa Ackermann

All the graduates were celebrating their success. Eren makes a decision that he will join the Scout Regiment rather than Military Police. Thomas Wagner questions his decision and told him that there is no hope of humans in front of Titans. Eren makes argue that how we will pay the expenses of those who were died fighting with the Titans. We will throw their sacrifice and that will be a disgrace for all of us.

Eren ran away from the hall after the heated argument. Armin and Mikasa go behind Eren. Both told Eren that they will also join the Scout Regiment. Suddenly the focus shifted to the sky and a shooting star.

The very next morning starts with a bunch of people waiting for the force of the Scout Regiment. The force includes Commander Erwin Smith, Captain Levi who is equal to a force alone, and Section Commander Hange Zoe. Eren, Mikasa and Armin meet Hannes who is now promoted as a Captain. Hannes congratulates all of them for their graduation and apologizes for his failure that he couldn’t save Eren’s mother five years ago.

The story continues and the graduated cadets are maintaining the cannons on the Big Wall. After hearing the speech on Eren last night in the hall Conny and Thomas reveal that they will join the Scout Regiment with Eren. Sasha suddenly came there and reveals that she has stolen some meat from a military storehouse. All were shocked by Sasha’s decision. All graduates lean to their work after this.

Attack on Titan Season 1 Episode 4 Colossal_Titan_reappears

Suddenly a big collision occurred and they saw the Colossal Titan appears on the Wall. The Titan breaks the gate of Wall Maria. There was a big heat released from the Titan’s body that throws all the Graduates from the Wall. Most of them were able to reorient themselves with their effective training. Samuel was knocked out badly with this heat and can’t retaliate himself. Sasha helped Samuel by falling on the ground. Suddenly Eren comes up and inspires all the graduates in loud voice for the battle. He comes up on the wall in front of Colossal Titan and tells him that his time has come after five years.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Armin Arlelt
  2. Eren Jaeger
  3. Mikasa Ackermann
  4. Colossal Titan
  5. Armored Titan (recap)
  6. Carla Jaeger (recap)
  7. Smiling Titan (recap)
  8. Hannes
  9. Keith Sadies
  10. Reiner Braun
  11. Franz Kefka
  12. Hanna Diament
  13. Annie Leonhart
  14. Jean Kirschtein
  15. Bertholdt Hoover
  16. Conny Springer
  17. Sasha Braus
  18. Marco Bodt
  19. Christa Lenz
  20. Ymir
  21. Daz
  22. Mina Carolina
  23. Thomas Wagner
  24. Samuel Linke-Jackson
  25. Milieus Zeremski
  26. Erwin Smith
  27. Levi
  28. Hange Zoë
  29. Miche Zacharius
  30. Phil


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