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About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 03-

Episode 3 titled “A Dim Light Amid Despair: Humanity’s Comeback, Part 1”

Transcription: Zetsubō no Naka de Nibuku Hikaru -Jinrui no Saiki” released on April 21, 2013, under the Humanity’s Comeback arc.


Sasha eats a potato in front of Keith Sadi
Sasha eats a potato in front of Keith Sadi

The story begins with episode 3 that the commandant of the new soldiers or 104th Cadet Corps Keith Sadies is psychological and physically breaking all the new cadets to make them strong mentally and physically. A Senior Soldier passed by the recruiters and saw that Sadies is abusing some of the new cadets and making the differences from the others. These recruiters are Annie Leonhart, Mikasa Ackerman, Berthold Hoover, Eren Jaeger and Ymir.


When Sadies interact with all the new recruiters he saw that a girl is eating a potato. He suddenly got angry and ask the girl’s name. The girl replied that her name is Sasha Braus. All the other recruiters was shocked to see that a girl is eating a potato in front of Sadies. Sadies ask her that where she get that potato and why she is eating it now in the army ground.

Eren asks Reiner and Bertholdt for help
Eren asks Reiner and Bertholdt for help

Sasha Braus replied that she got the potato from a kitchen and eating in army ground because she want to eat a warm potato. After this answer, she splits her potato in two pieces and give one to Sadies. All the other recruiters got shocked by this behavior of Sasha including Sadies.

Sharing the potato with Sadies got him angry and he gives the punishment of running. She accepts this happily but then she was fazed that she won’t get food whole night. While dinner in the night Eren reveals to all others that he and Armin are from Shiganshina. The whole group was surprised and asking a bunch of questions about Titans to both of them.

Eren becomes nervous after remembering his mother eaten by a big armored titan. After seeing the sickness of Eren suddenly Marco suggests that anybody will no longer question Eren about Armored Titans. After a moment, Eren thinks that the fear will be increased among others if he will tell the reality about these titans. So in the end he told others that the Titans are not a big deal and after joining the army he wants to join the Scout Regiment and will kill all the titans.


After seeing that Eren is lying to others a guy named Jean Kirschtein interrupts and criticizes his decision to join the Scout Army. On the other side, Eren also interrupts Jean to join the military only to live in these walls and don’t want to fight the titans. They came close to each other and suddenly they realize that fighting with each other doesn’t give anything to anybody. That’s why both dropped their disagreement and shake hands with each other.

When Eren was leaving the hall Mikasa goes behind him and Jean saw a glimpse of Mikasa and fell in love on first sight. Jean starts a casual conversation with Mikasa and told her that her hair is beautiful.

She goes outside and Jean follow her and saw Eren and Mikasa together. Mikasa told Eren to control his emotions in front of every body. Eren told Mikasa that her hair is too long and she should cut it. After seeing Eren and Mikasa together Jean felt bad and said trust on Conny’s shirt and move on.

When Sasha completed the punishment given by Sadies, she fell on the ground and smells food. She grabbed the food and see that Christa Lenz has brought it for her.

On the next day, all the cadets begin practicing the new omnidirectional mobility gear. Eren fails to make himself steady during this practice. On the other hand Armin and Mikasa’s control over the new training is really good. Eren try again with these gears and knocked out on the ground. While dinner all the other cadets were making fun of Eren because he told yesterday all that he will kill all the Titans and today he can’t even pass the test.

In the night Eren asked for any useful suggestions from Conny and Jean to pass the test, both denied. Then Eren goes to Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Hoover for some suggestions. In starting they were rude but after some time they exchange some stories. In the late-night Reiner motivates Eren and gives some useful tips to pass the test.

On the next day, Eren has the last chance to prove that he’s worthy of military service. Sadies ordered and now Eren tries to balance himself on the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear for the very last time. In starting he finds the balance and after few seconds he realizes that his body is going down again. Eren thinks that he is failed but suddenly Sadies realizes that there’s something wrong with the equipment. Sadies ordered Thomas Wagner to give his equipment to Eren. Eren easily makes balance on Wagner’s equipment. Everybody was shocked that Eren makes balance on a defected equipment and others can’t even make the balance on suitable equipment.

When Eren passes the test Sadies mentally told Eren’s Father Grisha Jaeger, that his son is now an official soldier. In the last scenes, Eren is really happy and told Mikasa that he mastered the Equipment.

The episodes ended after this segment.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Keith Sadies
  2. Mina Carolina
  3. Armin Arlelt
  4. Thomas Wagner
  5. Ymir
  6. Samuel Linke-Jackson
  7. Eren Jaeger
  8. Annie Leonhart
  9. Mikasa Ackermann
  10. Bertholdt Hoover
  11. Reiner Braun
  12. Jean Kirschtein
  13. Marco Bodt
  14. Conny Springer
  15. Sasha Braus
  16. Christa Lenz
  17. Daz
  18. Hanna Diament
  19. Carla Jaeger (flashback)
  20. Smiling Titan (flashback)

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