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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 25

In a church in the Stohess Town, some people are worshipping the god. Annie’s titan makes attack on that building and kills many people in the church. The pastor was in horror and seeing that another titan is running towards their building. All the civilians are running to different places to make themselves saved from the titan. Hange noticed that Eren is in full control on his titan. Jean also told that Eren will have full control on his titan and he will defeat the female titan. Armin on the other hand is sure that he will need some support from them to defeat the female titan.

He thinks that Eren’s willpower is not enough against Annie. All the soldiers are worried that the female titan is approaching in an open area and they can not use the omni directional mobility gear in the open place. Hange orders them to split in two groups and attack from the different side. Many of the civilians are dying among the titan’s fight. Annie is avoiding to face Eren directly in the combat. Eren recalls that in the past how Annie looks always bored and she always thinks that everybody is stupid, except the time when she wants to show her martial arts skills. Eren knows that she always lying that she don’t have any kind of interest in the combat.

Eren thinks that Annie’s ability to make her skin hard and soft is the meaning to become attacking and defensive. Eren in the fight grabs Annie’s leg and threw her at the building. Eren is continuing attacking on the female titan. The soldiers near him states that the whole town will be destroyed if they will fighting like this between the town. Hange says that it is the part of Erwin’s plan.

Mikasa gets up on her feet. On the other hand, Hitch and Marlo can’t believe that they are seeing the fight of two titans. Nile Dawk Head of Military soldier also received the report of titan’s fight. He also confirms the damage and the casualties occurred in this fight. Nile is blaming Erwin about this plan. Nile is questioning the thinking and strategic ability of Erwin. Erwin replies that he has done all things for the humanity and its victory. Nile doesn’t accepts his views and calls him a traitor of mankind. Nile wants to execute Erwin right now.

In the end, Nile decides to handcuff Erwin after thinking so much about the situation. He orders all the police members to deploy all the men near the titans. Captain Levi is ready to move but Erwin tells him to calm down. All the other soldiers reached at the titan’s fight scenario and seeing them fighting. Armin realizes that Annie will do anything to make her win as she have done it before in the training. Annie used her fighting ability and kicks Eren’s leg with a kick. Eren is knocked out and fell on a building. Eren has bitten Annie on her leg. Annie is striking Eren with her hand and strikes him continuously until her is unbale to move.

Annie is remembering her father who is telling her about his goals of life. She is running away again from Eren. Eren is once again chasing him. Eren tackles her from behind and stops him by running. Mikasa approached there and she knew that Eren knows that Annie is behind the female titan.

Annie is avoiding the fighting with Eren and starts to climb the wall and escape the town. Eren wants to stop her by climbing the wall. Eren catches her legs but she knocked him off. Annie is climbing the wall and she will escape the town soon. Mikasa came there on the wall and she cuts the finger of both hands of Annie. She is attacking on her face now, Annie fell on the ground as her finger are cut and she can’t climb the wall. Annie recalls once again that her father telling her that he was wrong and late to ask her about forgiveness. Her dad tells her that he is always on her side even the whole world is against her.

Annie is on the ground. Eren is on her body before she wants to get up. He attacks on her and removes her right arm and he also lost his arm in this attack. Eren is saying that he will destroy the world and he bites the flesh on female titan’s neck.

It makes to reveal Annie body in the titan. It makes Hange and the others worried. They all are thinking that Eren will eat Annie in anger. When Eren saw that Annie is crying he stops himself. The moment gave Annie a chance to save herself. She incased herself in a crystal. Her titan body is start merging with Eren’s titan body. Captain Levi appears there and he cuts out Eren from the titan’s body. He also scolded him to try to eat their evidence body.

Jean is trying to break the crystal because he is not happy with the fight result. He is stopped by Captain Levi and tells him to not attack on the crystal by his swords because it will be of no use. Hanger orders the soldiers to use the wires to make a net and carry Annie underground. Hange also surprised that after so many sacrifices, they can’t get any important information about the titans.

Captain Levi and Erwin states that they can’t call this mission as a successful one. Erwin told them is important that the Scout Regiment survives from this attack. The mayor to Stohess town asks Erwin that he should take the help of Military Police from the starting. Erwin apologizes for the attack on Stohess town. The mayor didn’t accept the apology. Erwin told them if the female titan cross the wall then the next time the wall will fall and the people will die.

Eren wakes up in the bed and he is recovered from the injuries. He recalls that Annie is frozen in the crystal. Jean confirms that they gained not a single information from this operation. Eren confirms that when he saw Annie in the titan’s body he could not attack him more. Armin and Jean are called for a hearing and Eren told Mikasa about his feeling during the battle. Mikasa is happy that Eren is alive and recovered. Jean and Armin outside the room are discussing that becoming a titan is the only way to beat the other titan. Armin is confident in Eren. Erwin told everybody that it was the attack on the titans by the humans. Annie is underground and the soldiers from their batch are near them on an unknown location. They doesn’t know about the danger.

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