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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

Eren, Mikasa and Armin witness the female titan and Annie’s true identity. Eren recalls a meeting that held few days ago. Eren and Levi are in a room waiting for Erwin. Levi is wondering why Erwin is taking so long time, he claims Erwin must have constipation issue. Eren apologizes to Captain Levi about his wrong choices in the past. Levi told him that you can never predict your future, every decision is the right one at the present. Erwin arrives in the room and he claims that we had the last chance to capture the female titan. The upcoming operation will held in Stohess District. Erwin told everybody that Armin identified that who can be behind the female titan. Erwin claimed that Eren is trained with the female titan. Eren is in shock that he knows the female titan who is their enemy.

Came back in present, Annie is transformed into the female titan. Eren, Armin and Mikasa are running into the background tunnel. Female titan is trying to grab them. Titan’s hands are in the tunnel and trying to catch Eren outside. Armin told them that Annie is really smart, she knows from the beginning about the operation. These three are running in the tunnel and they saw two Scout Soldiers ahead. One of them is asking that the plan was successful or not. Armin told them to follow Plan B. Suddenly, both the titans are crashed under the tunnel when the female titan put his leg on the roof of the tunnel. Eren wants to save those two soldiers but Mikasa brings her back in the tunnel out of the sight. Eren is shocked that Annie wants to kill him.

Eren, Mikasa and Armin are hiding in the tunnel. Mikasa and Armin encourages Eren to fight with the female titan. Eren bites on his finger but fails to transform into titan. Eren is shocked and biting his fingers again and again. Mikasa is doubting that Eren still can’t believe that all things are done by Annie behind the female titan. Eren recalls the meeting and Erwin reveals that the female titan suspect is Annie. Eren can’t accept that it is Annie, Armin is giving multiple reasons to believe on his theory for the suspect.

In the present Armin told them to get out from this tunnel. Mikasa and Armin are going in different ways and told Eren that the female titan will go behind one of them. Eren should go to the other and escape from this tunnel or he will get killed. Mikasa and Armin are ready to leave the tunnels from both side. Mikasa is telling Eren that the world is a cruel place and Eren can’t able to fight with his friend Annie.

Annie kicks the tunnel roof and Eren is crushed in the rubble. Mikasa and Armin are trying to get Eren out of the rubble. Mikasa ran to distract the female titan away from Eren. Jean came at the place with other soldiers to make the female titan away from Eren. Erwin and Captain Levi are ready to go off but surrounded by the Military Police head Nile Dawk. Police head told both that they are against the king orders. Jean is helping Armin to pull Eren out. Annie is fighting with the others and one of the rubble lands on Eren and he is trapped more under rubble.

Armin saw that Annie is fighting with Scout Regiments, so he confronts the female titan to distract her. He told Annie that if she does not kill him today, she will surely get killed from him. Jean makes a way and strikes on female titan’s neck. She protects with her hands and standing in the ground. Jean told Armin to follow him and they lure female titan away from Eren.

Moblit and Hange are hidden near a building. Annie is running from their following Armin and Jean. Hange is ready with special target restraining weapon and she successfully traps the female titan. The soldiers from the roof throw down a net on Annie and makes her on the ground. Armin lands near Mikasa and he is concerned about Mikasa. Hange came near Annie and tells her to be a good girl and stay calm. Hange told her that she is too far from her area and she can not call the other titans with her scream. Hange point her sword to Annie’s eye. Annie kicks out the weapon machinery and try to catch Hange in her hands but she escapes. Hange and Mikasa are on a top of the building and Annie is running into the opposite direction.

Eren is still under the rubble and he also injured with a piece of wood in his chest. He remembers Armin was saying that a guy who can not sacrifice will never change anything in the world. Eren thinks that it was the reason why he was failed. He is visualizing that his fellow soldiers from Scout Regiment are dead in front of him. Those things infuriates Eren and he push the wood from his chest. He tells himself that he will kill Annie at any cost.

Eren bites again and transforms into the titan. Big lightning from sky appeared in the town. It catches the attention of every guy in the town including Nile, Erwin and Levi. Erwin and Levi are still at Military Police gun point. The ground is shaking and building are crumbling. Annie also saw the lightning and running to its existence area. Erer is sprinting fast towards the female titan. Mikasa saw that Eren is finally transformed into a titan. Annie is ready to make a fight but Eren surprised her and makes a solid punch in her face. Annie is knocked out and fell on a building. Eren is in anger and wants to make his every attack count on the female titan.

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