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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

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Captain Levi is questioning to Mikasa that Eren is dead or alive. Mikasa is confident that he is alive. She is explaining that the female titan is very intelligent and its main purpose was to capture Eren not killing him. Levi told her that it’s main goal may have to eat Eren alive but you can assume that Eren is dead by this point of view. Mikasa is blamed Captain Levi that did not done his job well and saved Eren. Levi realize that she is Mikasa who is Eren’s close friend. Levi tells her that our main goal is to save Eren from female titan. He warns Mikasa not try to kill the Female Titan. Mikasa is confident that she can kill the titan. Levi tells her that as long as the female titan harden its skin, it is impossible to kill her. He orders Mikasa to distract the female titan and he will attack on the titan from behind.

Mikasa is following the plan and came ahead the female titan to distract her. Female titan attacks on Levi who came from behind but Captain Levi sliced titan’s whole arm and stabs his sword into both eyes. Female titan is completely blind now. Captain Levi cutting the flesh of female titan continuously. Mikasa is watching Captain Levi and in awe with his speed and actions. She realize that the female titan don’t have enough time to stop Captain Levi’s attack.

Captain Levi attacks the titan from every side. In the last the target hands are cut and nape of the neck is shown. Mikasa is going to kill the female titan on his nape. Levi defends her and twisted Mikasa’s ankle to stop her. Levi cuts titan’s jaw and he found that Eren is in titan’s mouth. He orders Mikasa to retreat and Levi goes near the titan and bring Eren from his mouth. Eren is totally unconscious and full of titan saliva. Mikasa is following Captain Levi. Levi looks back to the female titan and he is surprised that female titan is crying.

In the town, the news is spread that Scout Regiment is coming back in the town. All the friends and families of Scout Regiment Squad are waiting for their return. They don’t know about the critical situation and deaths of soldiers. Scout Regiment are stopped near the wall and counting the dead bodies. Jean is telling that he will never get used to this scenario and the casualties which occur in future. Armin tells him he should not think about these things, it will make him weak. Conny also thinks that how long he will remain alive in these kind of conditions. Sasha is attempting to cheer him and Conny is thinking that he will never return to his home again.

Head Erwin is receiving the reports of dead bodies and lost squad. Erwin orders that the members who dead body is not recovered they will claimed as missing. Two new soldiers blamed Erwin that the two soldiers who are their close friends are actually dead not missing. Captain Levi told them that recovering their bodies doesn’t matter because they are already dead. Levi and Erwin walks away from them to head towards the wall. One of them Dieter is accusing both of them that they don’t have human feelings.

The army is continuing their journey back to the wall. After some while they are chased by some titan and it is revealed that Dieter and Jurgen entered into the titan’s area to recover body of their friends. Jurgen is killed by a titan and Dieter realize that they can not outrun the titans. Captain Levi orders to dump the dead bodies because it will increase the speed. Soldiers were in confusion but they follows the orders and dump some bodies. Captain Levi saw that one of the dead body was from his own squad member. Now they increased their speed and came away from the titans.

Soldier took a break to figure out their route to the wall. Captain Levi approaches to Dieter and give him the emblem of his friend’s dress of Scout Regiment. Levi told him it was his friend Ivan’s. Captain Levi makes him understand that the emblem show they are still alive, this cause Dieter broken and tearful. Eren and Mikasa in their childhood walking to their home. When they get the news that the Scout Regiment are returning to the town. They runs to the arriving area in desperate to see the Scout Regiment. A villager insults Scouts and Eren grabs a stick in his hand. Mikasa stops him and told him that it is not right.

Eren wakes up from unconsciousness and see Mikasa near him. He asks her about the female titan. She told her that the mission was failed and we are returning to the town. She told him to relax. Scout’s expedition finally reaches the Walls. When they walk through the town, all the people are noticing the condition of all soldiers. Eren hears that some people are taunting that they are wasting their food and taxes on this duffer army. Eren hear the words and stand up to argue with them. Mikasa tells him to bear those words as he is not in condition of argue. Eren stands up a little bit and he saw two children are watching the Scout Regiment in awe. The children are saying that Scout Regiment always fights against the titans despite the loss. He recalls that he and Mikasa once talked about this in their childhood.

They are going through the town. Captain Levi is approached by his squad member Petra’s father. Father doesn’t know about Petra. He talks to Captain Levi and tells him about a letter written by Petra that she devote her all to Captain Levi. Petra’s father is worried about his daughter’s marriage. He believes that his daughter is still young and have to gain a lot experience first. Levi is ignoring him with full of sadness. Head Erwin also faces the angriness of town people and questioning him about his approach and failure. After seeing all this Eren breaks down and crying, Mikasa holds his hand to make him calm down. Erwin is summoned to the capital, Eren should be handed over there.

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