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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 21-

Soldiers are retreating and Erwin and Hange are discussing while retreating that the female titan is escaped. Erwin is confident that female titan has used the same tactics like the colossal titan. Female titan used the omni directional gear and fly in the steam. Hange argues that Eren was also transforms into titan but when he came back as human he was so weak. Eren also lost his Scout army dress. Erwin said that comparing Eren’s Titan with the female titan is useless because the female titan is more experienced and controlled. Armin is thinking that the female titan should have watched Eren’s transformation into titan that’s why the spy is behind Eren.

Captain Levi’s squad is attempting for an escape as they saw that their standing leader is attacked and dead. Eld told them that there is no time left to reach their horses as the spy titan is following them. They should head towards the rest of the scout regiment. Erwin was absolutely right that the unknown soldier have enough stamina and Levi’s squad find that the spy killer is chasing them. Eren wants to fight with the female titan but the rest of the squad told him that he is not capable and should join the others. Eren again decides to trust on their squad members and running to rest squad.

He saw behind and see Petra and Oruo sliced the female titan’s eye so it can not see. Eld is continuously attacking on its arms so it can be removed from its neck. Eren is happy and confident that these three are from the Scouts, they will surely kill this female titan. The coordination of these three are unbelievable, Eren is wondering that they are doing their job without telling anything. This kind of confidence for each other came after spending so much time together. Believe in the squad members is the right thing and Eren running to join the other squad members. When he look’s back again he saw that Eld is attacking on the titan’s neck but caught by the female titan and cut in half.

All are shocked, Petra is thinking that how the female titan is recovered so early and seeing through its one eye. Female titan attacking on Petra and Oruo orders to regroup again. Petra is extremely shocked with Eld’s death. She realizes that it is too late now and she is crushed by the titan on a tree. Oruo is alone and tries to attempt the last attack on the titan’s neck. Oruo’s blades are broken and the female titan knocks him in the sky. It causes Oruo’s spine and ribs are broken. Eren shouts in anger and horror, he wants to kill the titan. His scream heard by Levi and Mikasa, both are running towards the sound.

Eren is transformed into the titan and attacks the female titan. Female titan is avoiding the attacks of Eren and kicking Eren to maintain a distance because her arms was not fully healed yet. Captain Levi is coming to Eren and looks his squad members are killed brutally and there’s blood everywhere. Eren manages to throw the female titan and destroys its both hands. Eren also blames himself that he should transforms so early because that will save the sacrifices of the soldiers.

Female titan is the reason behind all the deaths and that’s why he roars in anger. Eren promises himself that he will tear apart this female titan and will give tribute to the died soldiers. Female titan switches its body and Eren lost control on the female titan. Female titan’s injury are healed. Female titan kicks the Eren’s titan and he is thrown to a tree. Eren is missing his attacks and Female titan delivers a hard punch on the Eren’s mouth. His mouth is teared completely.

Female titan turns around and make a hard kick to Eren. Eren came back to his human form and he is bitten in half by the female titan. Mikasa arrives at the spot and she saw that half Eren is swallowed by the female titan. Female titan is running out of the jungle and Mikasa is following her, as she wants the revenge of Eren. She is slashing female titan’s body continuously. Mikasa is ready to make a strike on its nape but the area is covered by titan’s hands. Mikasa is grabbed by Levi and asks her about Eren’s condition. Mikasa is completely in anger when she thought about Eren is dead.

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