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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 20-

The female titan is captured, Eren is questioning about its identity and wondering that it is an abnormal titan or like the colossal titan. Oruo and Petra shouts on him and told him to focus on to go far not standing in this area. Levi is absolutely ready to strike on the female titan. Erwin is in doubt about the traps holding the female titan. Erwin orders to fire the rest of the wires on female titan.

Outside the forest, the soldiers are luring the other titans and no titan is going inside the forest. Christa noticed that one of the titan is trying to climb the tree and she told this to Nanaba. Nanaba is not worried at all about this. Christa thinks that titans have the learning ability according to the situation. She said that the titans are coming near to them and they have to attack or go back soon. Sasha and Mikasa are wondering about the situation inside the forest because they are continuously hearing the sound of cannon fire shots. Jean and Armin changed their position because a titan came extremely near to them. Jean is thinking what is happening inside the forest and makes a guess that they captured the female titan and we are luring the other titans here, outside the forest.

In the forest, Eren is thinking the same about the strategy as Jean thinks. Eren is wondering that why elite soldiers don’t know about the plan. It makes Petra and Oruo angry that he is new and don’t know about the squad. Eren makes the conclusion that Erwin does not trust them. Eld agrees with Eren and told everybody that Erwin knows that a spy is among between the soldiers. The soldiers who knew about this plan were those who survived in the battle against the titan 5 years ago.

The squad is thinking that it was the same spy who kills those two captured titans. Eren remembers that Erwin asks the questions to him about this. Eren is angry that Erwin decision was not good and he knew that so many soldiers will die because of his decision. Eld asks Eren that what he think about Erwin’s decision was that wrong. Outside the forest Armin and Jean are discussing the same questions that Erwin decision was good or bad. Armin tells that Erwin is absolutely right because the guy who don’t hesitates in making sacrificing are confident to bring good changes.

The female titan can’t move but it is hiding its nape area from his hands. Captain Levi and Miche are attacking on his hands but can’t break his hard skin. Erwin noticed that the female titan ability is similar to the Armored Titan. Erwin decides to use all the explosives on his body to kill the hands of the titan. Erwin orders the soldiers to be ready to attack on titan’s arms.

Captain Levi is standing on the top of the female titan’s head. He is talking with the person inside the titan and asking him to come out because they don’t have so much time. Captain Levi threatens the titan that there is no way to escape and he have to show his real identity today. Levi suggests that it is good to cut the hands or legs of the person who is inside the titan. The Female Titan makes a loud scream that is heard by all the titans and the squad outside the forest. All squad members near the female titan put their hands on ears because the screech was so loud.

The soldiers outside the forest are thinking that the female titan is dead and this was it’s last scream. Miche told Erwin that he is smelling that the titans is coming towards them from all directions. All the titans outside the forest are running into the forest and ignoring the soldiers. Sasha tells Mikasa that it is the scream of the female titan. Sasha warns Mikasa to be more cautious. On the other hand Mikasa is worried about Eren’s position.

Erwin orders to use the explosive on the female titan. They can’t able to do so because a group of titan reaches fast to the female titan. Titans realizes that the female titan is in trouble and it will get killed. Captain Levi kills the group of titans in just one flash. There were more titans approaching to the female titan and after analyzing the condition Commander Erwin signals to retreat. He knows that they underestimated the enemy. Erwin orders everybody to return on the trees into the formation. Erwin orders Captain Levi to refill the gas and sharpen his blades.

The retreat signal is given by the soldiers inside the forest and seen by the outskirts soldiers. They are happy that all are going back home. Gunther the stand in leader of Captain Levi’s squad also seen the signal. He tells everybody that they are going back. They are wondering that they can see the person who is inside the female titan. They are returning fast towards the signal.

The Levi’s squad noticed another flare signal and thinking that it should be fired by Levi. After signaling the flare that unknown soldier draws his blades and heads towards Captain Levi’s squad direction. Erwin is explaining that Female titan is eaten by the other titans and we haven’t seen that person. Erwin states to Hange that there is a lot of possibility that the spy is in Scout Regiment form. The unknown soldier is near Levi’s squad. Gunther realizes that it is not Captain Levi, he attacked by the unknown soldier. Eren sees that Gunther is hanging on a tree and dead.

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