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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 19-

Captain Levi squad is chasing by the Female Titan. The squad is asking Captain Levi for orders, all are expecting to kill the Titan. Levi orders them to shut their mouth off and cover their ears. Captain Levi fires a flare in the sky and reminds the squad about their job. The job is to secure Eren and doesn’t care about their lives. Eren was shocked to hear this because he was thinking that they were keeping an eye on him because of Eren’s Titan. Captain orders them to run fast without watching behind.

Eren is questioning about Captain Levi’s decision that he is leaving his fellow soldiers and they are killed by the titan. He should help them or they will get killed. Eld and Gunther warns Eren to continue his speed rather than raising questions. Eren tells everybody that only Levi’s squad is able to kill that titan. He looks behind and saw another soldier is killed. Eren wants to help the remaining soldier who is stopping the female titan to follow him. Eren keeps requesting that he do not want to get killed the remaining soldiers. Petra tells him to obey Captain’s orders. Eren asks her to explain what is going but Orou tells him that there is no need for any kind of explanation because Eren is new in the squad.

Eren thinks that he is not dependent on the squad because he can fight with the female titan on his own ability. He is going to bite his hand to transform into the Titan. Petra notices that Eren is biting himself so she insists that Eren promised them to never transforms into the titan unless they told him to do so. Captain Levi said that Eren is not wrong and he should do what he wants to. He should follow his mind and nothing can stop him. Levi puts two choices in front of Levi- one is to trust the squad or second he can do what he wants. Eren should take his own decision. Petra once again requests Eren to believe in Captain Levi.

Captain Levi tells Eren that he found a way to stop Eren’s titan without killing him. The method only makes a little injury to Eren but he will get out from Titan’s body. Levi also told him that his injured body parts are regenerated as before. Levi tells him that his squad will take all the risks if he goes berserk. Hange and Levi take Eren to a well and orders him to reform his titan. Eren bites his hand but nothing appear from the well. Hange and Levi came near the well to find out what is happening. They saw that Eren can’t able to transform himself into titan.

Eren lost his power and Captain Levi tells him that it is impossible to recapture wall Maria if he can’t transform. Levi suggests him to think about his titan and powers. The Levi’s squad is resting and told Eren that he is more human then they thought about him. Eren realize that his wounds when he bites on his hand for transformation is not regenerating. A teaspoon is dropped by Eren by mistake. He is trying to pick the tea spoon. Suddenly a smoke appeared.

Eren is shocked that he is witnessing his squad in fear and anger, Captain Levi is telling everybody to calm down. All the squad members makes various questions to Eren and in the last he shouts and tells everybody to keep calm and quiet. Hange returns on the spot after seeing the spot and she is extremely happy. She want to touch Eren’s titan arm and Eren removes himself from titan’s body. It causes the titan’s body evaporate. Hange is crying that she lost the precious samples from titan’s body. She noticed that the Titan’s hand is holding a tea spoon.

Eren in conversation with Levi talks about the behavior of the squad members and appreciate Captain Levi that he was saving him. Levi told Eren that all of the members do not trust Eren fully. Hange shows the teaspoon to both of them and analyze about the transformation of Eren into titan. She tells Eren that you need a clear objective in mind to transform in the titan. He always transforms into titan when he had clear goal in his mind in the past.

After hearing this the squad member realizes that it was not Eren’s fault to transform into Titan. All the members give self punishment to shout on Eren without knowing the situation. They bite their own hands as the self punishment. Petra tells Eren to make believe on everybody in the squad as he believed on them during the forest.

The scene shifts to the forest the female titan is approaching to Eren. Levi shouts on Eren that he is taking too much time to choose among those two option. After taking the time Eren chooses to go according Captain Levi’s order. He apologizes about the dying soldiers to himself. Female titan is nearest to them and when it tries to catch Eren suddenly the other squad members came from the trees. Erwin gives the signal to fire uncountable firing hooks on the titan. They successfully trapped that female titan. Everyone from Captain Levi’s squad is shocked.

The squad is continuing on the horses. Captain Levi shifts the squad charge to Eld and go to the Erwin and another scout regiment who successfully captured the female titan. Eren is surprised that they want to capture the female titan. Levi told Erwin that they trapped the titan thanks to the soldiers who sacrificed themselves for this mission to become successful. Erwin and Levi saw the female titan and wants to know more about this smart titan.

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