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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 18

The Female Titans are running towards Eren’s position. Reiner asks Armin about working on his Omnidirectional mobility gear and Armin replied that the gear is working properly. Reiner told Armin and Jean that they have only one horse. Jean is whistling and giving a signal to his horse for coming back. He is thinking that Reiner’s horse is really good who came back to him. He is trying so much to call his horseback but all in vain. Jean notices that they have only one horse and the members are three. Anybody should remain here on foot. He thinks that Armin is injured and should need some medic.

Reiner is a muscular guy and the horse can’t able to ride any other alongside Reiner. Armin is thinking his encounter with the female titan. Reiner also suggests that they have to decide who will stay behind. Jean fires an emergency signal and hoping that it should be seen by somebody. Jean notices that somebody is approaching from behind.

They see Christa is approaching them. She has two extra horses and one of them is Jean’s horse. Reiner told her that she is really a nice person because she responded to the emergency signal. Christa told Jean that his horse came to her and was afraid. Christa was happy that all the three boys are alive. She was looking like a goddess to them and Reiner said to himself that he wants to marry her. They start the mission and came back in the formation. They are expecting a retreating signal from Erwin but surprised to see the green signal and the mission continues. Jean is analyzing the strategy of Head Erwin and Armin suggests he to not questions the decision and follow it. They also signal the green flare to accept and forward the decision to others.

Captain Levi’s special ops squad sees the signal and Oruo forward this message to others by shooting the flare. They were following the orders and a soldier came to their squad and gives the message to them that the right-wing formation is destroyed by the titans. Captain Levi orders Petra to deliver this message to the left formations. Eren recalls that Armin and his other teammates were in one of the right formations. At the moment another signal appears that shows the existence of an abnormal titan.

Abnormal titan is now attacked by the four scouts. Darius Baer shoots a black flare signal. He orders the soldiers to attack and stop the female titan. He is confident that the titan can’t defend the attack of three soldiers simultaneously. The confidence is shattered when the Female Titan jumps and crush two soldiers, one on a building and the other on the ground. The third soldier is killed by his own gear’s wire. Darius is running fast to give a message to others about this smart female titan. Female Titan ran towards him and kicked his horse and him in the air. Two soldiers saw Darius in the air and head towards the Female titan for an attempt to stop him. It makes no sense but it brings an increase in the scout’s casualties.

All the formations are heading the east and stick to their original plan. They reached to the Forest of Giant Trees. Commander Erwin goes into the forest and orders everyone that only the Center Formation is allowed to go through the forest. Rest formations will go around the forest. Jean is wondering about the plan and he saw that this mission is completely different from the previous plan. Jean’s team leader orders them to climb the giant trees and stop the titans by entering into the forest. Conny also asking about the other formation to Mikasa and she replied that mostly are avoiding the forest to make their spot clear for the titans.

Jean’s squad is on trees about 80 meter high from the ground and he is complaining about the orders. Armin asks Jean about his plans but Jean replied that he will follow the orders. They saw a Titan is approaching to them and Armin realize the orders motive can be for Eren. Inside the Giant Forest, Eren asks to Captain Levi that why only they are running through the forest. They will lose their sight in these trees and can not identify a titan coming to them. Captain Levi tells him that he should think wisely if he do not want to die. Eren noticed that these trees are perfect to use their omni directional mobility gear against the titans. Eren thinks that he should think himself after analyzing the situation, he will find the answer of every question. After a while he realize that the other’s also don’t have any idea that what they are doing in the forest even Captain Levi.

Armin is thinking that Erwin must deal with the smart female titan inside the forest. Jean is watching all the titans from the tree. All the titans want to kill them but can’t. Jean realizes that they don’t need to fight to the titans until they try to enter in the forest. Suddenly, a black smoke signal is fired, and that gives notice to Captain Levi’s squad that the female titan is approaching them. Eld told them that it is the one who is killing our squad from the right side. Levi orders everyone to draw their blades and follow his order. The female titan appears to them from the trees and chases Captain Levi’s squad.

Female titan is coming near to the squad and can attack them anytime. Petra asks permission from Captain Levi to attack the Female Titan. Levi is completely silent and heading through the forest. Some other soldiers are killed by the female titan and Petra asks for the orders again. Oruo suggests taking this Titan killed. Eld draws his sword and extremely determined to kill this titan. Eren is smiling that the titan has chosen a place like this which is suitable for the Scouts and it’s facing the Best Titan Killers. Eren is surprised that Levi is silent and heading forward. The squad is panicking as the Titan is so near them, Captain Levi breaks his silence and orders them to cover their ears. Captain Levi takes out his signal flare upward.


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