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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

Scout Regiment is heading outside the walls and start its new mission. After beginning their journey Miche Zacarius noticed a Titan, he and Hange is distracting the Titan to deal with the centre squad. They are the support squad who is killing those titans coming near to the squad. Sasha is watching this with fear but her squad leader tells her to focus on her journey and deals with this kind of situation in future.

Eren recalls Gunther told him that how the support squad will only support them till they reach the old town. After old town the Scout Regiment will follow the Long Distance Formation Plan prepared by Erwin. Eren asks Oruo that what he think about the new recruits will they able to kill the Titans. Oruo tells him that the formation is for avoiding the Titans as much as they can. Before he finished his thoughts he bites his tongue again as usual. Erwin orders everyone to follow the formation and Armin, Jean and Reiner make their way different after the orders.

Everyone spreads according to the plan and now Armin is going alone according to the plan with an extra horse with him. He is calming himself and analyzing every small sound coming to his ears. Armin saw the first red flare signal from the right formation, he shoots a red flare to signal the other formation in his left. The signal is to notify the presence of the Titans. They make to reach their destination with Erwin’s effective formation strategy and Scouts have the minimum face off with the Titans.

It was earlier explained by Erwin that the flare strategy will not be successful every time because a titan can be unnoticed when the squad will pass any landscape or other obstacles in the area, so the titan may go unnoticed by any squad member. The squad were passing a village and Sasha can’t notice a titan behind her. The Titan is crawling towards her very fast. Sasha afraid and can’t give the signal flare as it’s dropped on ground in nervousness. She is trying to avoid the titan, the team leader saw that Sasha is followed by a titan. Team Leader signals by the flare and helps Sasha by distracting the titan to himself. Now the titan is behind the team leader. Team Leader makes a sharp cut and the titan is crashed into a tree. All the members of the team is out of danger now.

Armin is alone and heading towards the point, wondering that there is no red flare signal from a while in the sky. He see a black flare signal in the sky that indicates that the abnormal titan is appeared. He also shoots a black flare to signal his left formation. Armin, Ness and Cis successfully avoided the Titan by their effective strategy. Armin is praising both of them and they came back into their formation and Armin is alone as before. Armin notices that a giant 14 meter female abnormal titan is coming to him from behind. Ness and Cis are encountering two other titans and Armin have to make the escape on his own.

Ness and Cis prepare the same last tactic, but the female titan increases its speed and go ahead than both of them. Both of them trying to stop that titan but failed. Female titan thrashed Ness on the ground and ran ahead. Armin is now in front of that female titan. He is trying to escape and also afraid that he will get killed today. After a period he realizes that it is not an abnormal titan because it is showing the signs of intelligence just like Eren and the Colossal Titan.

Female titan jumps over Armin and stopped him. Armin is fell down from his horse landing badly on the ground. The female titan is above him and he is shaking with fear. Female titan pull off the back hood of Armin and his face is seen by the Titan. Armin looks towards the female titan and he was also shocked. Female titan leaves him after seeing his face and running again. It was revealed in the episode that the Scout Formation in the right was heavily attacked by the Titans.

Armin is wondering that why this female titan doesn’t kill him and leave him after seeing his face. Reiner brings a fresh horse for Armin and he told Armin that he will get killed if he is on feet on this place. Armin told Reiner about this female titan and signals a black flare in sky. Jean meets Armin and Reiner now and informs them that the Right Squad is dead due to heavy numbers of Titans at that side. Armin notices that the Female Titan came from the same direction. He also thinks that she is the leader of the titans.

Armin explains his views about this female titan to Reiner and Jean. He told them that this female titan has a human brain. He also points out that titans kill the humans came in front of them but the female didn’t kill Ness and himself too. The female titan is looking for someone else and concludes that it can be Eren. Reiner said that Eren must be in the Right formation which is almost killed by the titans. Jean argues that this mission is for Eren and he must be alive and can not be in the right formation. Reiner is thinking about the Eren’s position in the formation. Armin also agrees that Eren must be in the safest position in the Formation.

Jean states that the signal flares are not enough to signal others about the situation. They have to stop the Female titan before it went to other squad. Reiner is surprised to see that Jean is caring his teammate as in past he always thinks about himself. Jean makes clear that he is doing his job and do not get him and others killed. Armin told them to hide their identities by putting their back hoods on their head. Female titan will not kill them before seeing their faces. Jean praise Armin’s intelligence and tell him that he is creepy at some stage. Armin is surprised from Jean’s praise and confused that he is creepy too.

All three catches the female titan and Jean cuts its foot and it is more than enough to stop the titan. Armin realized that the female titan is faster and smarter than the others. It is impossible to kill this titan by them. He also thinks that Captain Levi or Mikasa can give some fight to this titan. Jean ran by using his omni directional mobility gear and female titan escapes from Jean attempt to block its foot. Jean is on fly when titan attacked on him.

Female titan focuses on Armin once again and Titan is escaped from the Jean’s attack. Female titan covers his nape area and Jean realize that this titan is seriously smarter from the others. Reiner is watching that Jean is in trouble he ran to female titan. Reiner is grabbed by the titan in its hand. The Titan crushed his hand and Reiner’s gear is fell on ground. Armin screams loudly that the Titan killed Reiner but Reiner appears and escapes from Titan’s hand. Jean realize that Reiner is going to attack the titan’s neck and Armin is distracting the titan by his screaming. It is the perfect chance to kill this female titan. In the last they can’t kill the titan and Reiner realize that we can’t stand in front of this titan. He told them to leave and ran away from this titan. Jean is thinking that Reiner is a brave and have the abilities to fight with the Titans. Armin realize that Female Titan is going inside their formation and this must be where Eren is.

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