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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 15

Eren who is now an official member of the Scout Regiment after the order of Zachary is heading with Scout Regiment on their former HQ. They are on horses and Oruo Bozad is telling Eren that the HQ is an old castle which is renovated. From last few years it is useless for the Scout Regiment because they went to different places to kill the titans. This castle is a perfect place to hide Eren. Oruo was intimidating Eren and his horse stepped on a rock and that’s why he bites his own tongue.

They reached at the HQ and Petra Rall scolded Oruo that he talks too much riding on a horse. Oruo tells her that the first impression is always important because Eren was scared and he makes him comfortable. Petra tells him that Eren was not comfortable now because your silly action makes him more nervous. Eren is watching all of them and he realize that he is with Elite Soldiers now and they will definitely kill him if he goes berserk.

Eld Gin and Gunther Schultz is observing the castle and recalling their memory. They’ve noticed that the castle is not maintained well and in bad condition because no one lives here. There were dirt inside and outside the castle, Captain Levi orders everyone to clean the dirt. After some while Eren goes to Captain Levi on middle floor and he tells Captain Levi that he has cleaned the upper floor. Eren asks that where he should sleep. The Captain replied that he should be in the basement because the orders are given by the higher authority.

Levi told him that if Eren goes out of control then the basement will give protection to him and others. Eren was surprised that Captain Levi is very obedient and following the commands of the authority without any hesitation. Captain Levi leaves to check the cleanliness of the upper floor cleaned by Eren. Petra comes there and she tells Eren that Captain Levi used to be a thug once and he was taken by Erwin Smith and joined the Scout Regiment. Levi returns there and orders Eren that his cleaning ability is pathetic and he should reclean the upper floor.

Miche is discussing about the upcoming mission with Erwin. Erwin is suggesting that the Scout Regiment should prove Eren’s worth to everybody. Erwin is praising Miche that he really has a sharp mind. Erwin tells Miche that he will tell him everything about next mission when the time comes.

Captain Levi’s special ops squad is talking about the new operation in the hall. Captain Levi told all of them the new cadets will also participate in the operation. Eld suggests his view that it is really unfortunate for them that they lost the route to retake the Wall Maria from the Titans. He also added that we have a new hope in form of Eren with us. Eld is questioning about Titan to Eren but they realize that he don’t know anything more than them. Hange arrives in the hall and she asked Eren to participate in tomorrow’s experiment on the captured Titans. Eren asks her about the experiment and the whole special ops squad is leaving because they know what happens to be next. Hange is happy that she have some one who listens to her story.

Hange starts explaining to Eren about those two captured Titans. She told him that various tests are experimented on the titans and they have tried to communicate both of the titans. The Titans are also named by Sawney and Beane. An experiment of sunlight was occurred on the Titans and we focused on their bodies and any kind of damage on their body. She also told Eren that they have experimented on other Titans in the past. Hange is always excited to make conversation with the titans because she believes that they can make a comfort level with the titans. After hearing this Eren analyze that not only Hange it’s everybody in the Scout Regiment who wants change and have different perception for the titans. They were doing conversation through the whole night and in the early morning Eren realize that he doesn’t learn anything new.

In the morning a soldier arrives in the room and report that both the Titans are killed. Everyone ran to the spot from HQ and saw that the skeleton of two titans are evaporating. It makes Hange sad and she is crying loudly on the cause of titan’s death. Everybody realize that the killer is a soldier who used the omni directional mobility gear and ran from the spot. Erwin came near Eren and ask him that what he can see and who is the killer. Eren is confused to see the scenario and later Erwin apologizes to Eren to ask bad questions on that spot.

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