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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 14

Eren is in prison in an unknown place but the news of a Titan is spreading among the people. People have different perception about this Titan thing. Some are believing on the rumors and they are saying that retaking the wall will surely fail and the military wants to kill some people. The reason is because they are facing shortage of food and place. Wall Rose people is considering the Titan as a hero and savior for them. They are fully confident that with the help of the Titan we can even take the Wall Maria.

On the place of the trial, the commander of Military Police Nile Dawk is thinking that they will kill Eren because any body won’t allow a Titan in the Scout Regiment. Some other soldiers there are saluting the Head of all military branches Dhalis Zachary who is the head of today’s trial and arrived in a bullock cart.

Erwin Smith and Dot Pyxis is on the top of the wall and discussing about Eren’s situation and his fate in today’s trial. Erwin is asking that it is good if somebody from Scout Regiment makes a chat with the Garrison about Eren. On the other hand, Pyxis don’t think that it will be happened. Pyxis told Erwin that the Military Police now also wants Eren. Erwin told Pyxis that he received a message for today’s trial which decide the fate of Eren.

Pyxis is mentioning the head of military branches Zachary that he will give the final decision about Eren. Zachary always considers that what is the best for humanity and against the titans. Erwin also makes a statement that he is ready to make a proposal for Eren in the trial but it also depends on how the enquiry goes in the trial room.

Mikasa and Armin heard about Eren’s trial. Armin told Mikasa that today is the decision that Eren will be alive or dead and it makes Mikasa fully in shocked. As they were discussing a soldier came in the hall and he said that Mikasa and Armin are summoned for trial as important witnesses.

Eren is still inside a cell, he is asking the guards to get some water for him from the restroom. The soldier refused and one of the soldier is telling that he should learn now how to live in this kind of place. The soldier call Eren a Monster. Eren accepts this name and thinking that why all are afraid from him and chained him in this prison. He also identified that Mikasa and Armin were not afraid from him not even for a single second. His other friends from the 104th Cadet Corps were also not afraid from him. Hange Zoe and Miche Zacharius appeared on the gate of his cell and leads him out of the cell. Miche is sniffing Eren and Hange tells Eren that it is Miche’s habit to smell people for the very first time. Eren found this doubtful. Hange wishes Eren a good luck and push him through a door. Eren finds himself in a military courtroom and thinks that he was in a cell all the time which was under the court room.

Head and Judge of today’s trial Zachary informs Eren that he is facing a trial today which will decide his future. Zachary said that Eren’s existence can not be found again and that’s why he is both important and dangerous for the humanity. He orders Military Police and Scout Regiment to present their proposal in Court Room for Eren.

Nile Dawk the head of the Military Police is presenting the proposal first and he is requesting for Eren’s execution as he is dangerous for the mankind. He said we could not believe on a titan. Nile asks Eren that if he has any kind information which helps humans to kill the titans before his execution. Pastor Nick standing beside Nile tells him that there is no need for Eren’s execution right now.

Now it’s turn for the Scout Regiment to present their proposal and Erwin the Head of Scouts proposes that they want Eren as an official member of the Scout Regiment. They will use his extreme powers and reclaim Wall Maria. Zachary asks the plan of reclaiming wall Maria. Erwin explains that the gate of Trost is now sealed by Eren, so they will follow another route from east to reach Shiganshina District.

When a merchant hear this plan he immediately asks to seal all the gates so the colossal titan can’t break the gates again. Captain Levi asks him that what is the proof that the Titan will not attack them if will seal all the gates. The merchant is only thinking about his money not mankind life.

As the argument goes heats, Zachary makes them to be quite and he asks Eren that if he still wants to continue his services as a soldier to save mankind. Eren confirms that he is still a soldier and will save mankind upto his last breath. Zachary reads the report of Trost mission and tells everyone that according to the report after turning into a Titan he attacked on Mikasa. Eren’s don’t have control on his own titan. Eren was in shocked after hearing this because he don’t know that his titan attacked Mikasa. Mikasa looks angry on Rico and she tells her that she won’t lie in the reports.

Zachary asks Mikasa that it is truth or not she accepts it. Mikasa also tell the courtroom that Eren’s Titan saves her two times. Nile argues and told the courtroom that it is her personal feeling for Eren because she is living with Eren and his parents from childhood. Mikasa and Eren also kills three robbers in their childhood. Nile questions in the courtroom that is it good to trust on those kind of people.

People was afraid when they heard the truth and one of them point out towards Mikasa and questions that she is human or a Titan. Eren defends Mikasa and tells every body that no one should not question to Mikasa it is Eren’s trial. Eren said that who is questioning Mikasa they never seen and fights a titan in his own life. They are cowards and do not want to fight. At least Mikasa and him is fighting against the Titans.

When Eren was shouting on the person, Nile orders a soldier to shoot Eren from his gun. Eren was surprised but suddenly kicked by Levi. Levi is beating Eren badly and breaks his tooth. Mikasa is furious on Levi and going to stop him. Armin stops Mikasa and told him that Levi is doing the right thing. Levi told Eren that pain is the best lesson for a soldier. Nile is trying to stop Levi because he is afraid that Eren will transform into titan in anger. Levi is absolutely confident that if Eren will turn into a Titan he will kill him with his own hand.

Zachary asks that Levi wants Eren in his company or not. Levi replied that he wants Eren with him and surely kill him if anything goes bad. Erwin the head of Scout Regiment raised his hand and repeats his proposal that he want Eren on their next mission and it will decide that Eren is a friend or enemy of mankind. Zachary accepts the proposal of Erwin and gives Eren to Scout Regiment in Levi’s company.

Scene shifts and Hange is seeing Eren’s wounds which was caused by Captain Levi and asking Eren that it is hurting or not. Erwin apologizes Eren for the pain but tells him that it was necessary to win the confidence of Zachary for your inclusion in Scout Regiment. Erwin is really to excited to work with the new member Eren in Scout Regiment. Levi cam and sit down besides Eren and asks him that he hates him or not. Eren says that he understands now that you have done the right thing. Hange shows the broken tooth to Eren and Levi and tells them that he beats him badly. Eren opens his mouth and Hange is shocked. The tooth was regenrated in Eren’s mouth.

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