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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.

About Attack On Titans S01 Episode 13

The Elite soldiers are continuously struggling to defend Eren’s Titan from others. Some Elite members are completely defeated in battle and struggling in front of so many Titans. They are forcing the Elite squad to retreat but they are seeing that so many soldiers are still coming from the gate.

Outside the wall Jean’s gear is not working and he saw a gear in the street which is of a dead soldier. Anny, Conny and Marco is searching Jean from the top of the wall. Jean is settling the gear suddenly a Titan appears near him. Jean want to wear the gear and attempting to escape. Marco finds Jean’s location and also saw that a titan is coming towards him. Conny and Annie jumps from the wall to save Jean. Conny distracts the Titan coming to kill Jean. Jean manage to control the gear and four of them escapes successfully and come on the wall. When they were on the wall they heard deadly footsteps and they witness that Eren is in Titan form and carrying the boulder to block the gate.

The Elite Team is also watching Eren’s Titan carry the big boulder with surprise and excitement. Armin told the Elite Team that the Titan is controlled by Eren totally and he is fulfilling his mission. Armin knows that if the gate will be blocked than it will be huge win for us. In charge Ian orders the Elite Squad to protect Eren from the Titans. Jean, Annie, Conny and Marco also wants to support Eren but watching with eagerness.

Ian tells Armin and Mikasa to save Eren from Titans. Ian is surprised to see Mitabi and his squad is killing the Titans on the ground. Armin says that running on ground is no more than suicide. Ian makes sense that running on ground is the only way that can distract the Titans from Eren. All the members of Elite Squad successfully creates free path for Eren.

Eren is walking towards to block that hole and noticing that Armin and Mikasa is running ahead of him. It makes him worry that they will get eaten by the Titans. The soldiers on the wall are continuing to lure the Titans, Mitabi is caught in a battle with Titan. Mitabi saves a soldier from his squad by killing the Titan. Eren recalls the past when Armin is questioning his motive to go outside the wall. He clears that all humans are free and if you are not strong, it doesn’t matter how strong you are. If we will go outside these walls, we can be a person who is free in this world. Eren is determined that he will block the gate with the boulder picking on his shoulder.

Many of soldiers are killed by the Titans and so many are injured too. Mikasa and Armin see that Ian is sacrificing himself and grabbing a soldier from Titan’s mouth, just Eren did with Armin. Ian is killed by the titan and it makes the scene horrifying. One Titan is coming in Eren and the Gateway. Rico attacks on him and cut the Titan’s one eye and Mikasa attacks on its neck and killed him. Eren reached the hole and Armin is with him encouraging him to complete the mission. Eren successfully block the Gate with the Boulder.

Rico can’t believe that we just won this battle, she cries and says that the soldier’s sacrifice does not go in vain today. She shoots a signal flare and gives the message to the wall that the mission is accomplished. After seeing the signal, Dot Pyxis orders to send the enforcement an save the Elite Team from the Titans who is still inside.

Titans is approaching towards Eren and Rico think that all have to move on and climb the wall as soon as possible. Mikasa runs to Eren who is still attached with the body of Titan. Rico tells that we have to cut Eren from Titan’s body. When they were rescuing Eren from Titan’s body two titan approached them. All are in front of two titans and can’t do anything. Both the titans are killed by an unknown soldier and Rico thinks that the soldier is Mikasa. When Rico realize that Mikasa is behind her. She saw the soldier again and realize he has the “Wings of Freedom” which is the symbol of Scout Regiment. The unknown soldier landed on the two killed titans and all realizes that it is Captain Levi. Captain Levi asks them about the situation.

Scout Regiment and Garrison killed the remaining title inside the wall and Trost town is captured by humans. Cannons fire shot and Scout Regiment proves worthy and Trost becomes Titan Free. Two Alive Titans were also captured by the soldiers to analyze more information about Titans. Dot Pyxis says that mankind won against Titans for the very first time but we have paid a high price for this win. As we have lost so many soldiers and many more are injured.

After two days of Battle, Jean is walking in Trost town seeing so many dead bodies. He stopped in shock and realize that it is the body of Marco. He can’t believe his eyes and questioning himself what was happened. A nurse is approached on the place and she ask Jean that if he knows this guy who is dead. Nurse told him that they are still recovering the bodies from two days to avoid the chances of any kind of pandemic. She urges Jean that if he tells his name it would be helpful for him. Jean tells that the soldier’s name is Marco and he is a soldier.

Sasha is also witnessing something awful in the town. A soldier told Sasha that titans don’t have a digestive system that’s why it is a kind of vomit by the Titan. Titan upchuck if they don’t have space in their stomach. Annie is looking on a soldier’s dead body and apologizing to him. Reiner told Annie that she should make them rest because their sacrifice don’t go in vain.

Eren wakes up in an unknown place and he saw Erwin Smith and Captain Levi of the Scout Regiment outside the gate. Erwin told Eren that he is in an underground jail and he is in the custody of Military Police to analyze his activity. Erwin has a key and Eren knows that it is the key of his house basement. Eren told Erwin that his house basement is filled with a lot of knowledge about Titans. Levi don’t trust Eren and Erwin told Levi that he don’t have any reason to speak the wrong things.

Erwin asks Eren that what is his future plan. Eren asks that he want to join the Scout Regiment and kill as many Titans as he can. It creates Levi’s interest in Eren. He came forward to Eren and accepts his membership as the Scout Regiment. Levi also tells Eren that he will kill him if he betrays the Scout Regiment.

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