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Attack on Titan (Japanese: 進撃の巨人 Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “Attacking/Charging Giant”) is a Japanese manga series both written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama. It is set in a fantasy world where humanity lives within territories surrounded by three enormous walls that protect them from gigantic man-eating humanoids referred to as Titans.


The soldiers are on stand by ordered by the commander inside the walls. One soldier named Daz tells Marco that he can’t able to fight anymore because his fellow soldiers were died in front of him and he can’t do anything. He knows that he can be the next one who might get killed by the titans. In anger, he puts out his sword and tries to kill himself. Marco stops him and convince him to calm down. He points towards Sasha and he said that look at her she is still calm in this tricky situation. Sasha screams loudly and complaining about her stomach ache.

In the town Jean is questioned by Christa and Ymir about Eren and Mikasa. Jean says that he sworn in the name of Garrison Regiment and not ordered to reveal any kind of information about Mikasa and Eren. Jean also thinks that it’s not a good thing to reveal about Eren’s Titan secret because it will create chaos among the soldiers. A loud cannon shot heard by all cadets and after some while they realize that it came from the inside. All are shocked that how Titans entered inside the Wall. Rose, Reiner, Bertholdt, Annie and Jean jumps on the top of the wall to see what is happening.

Mikasa and Armin is protected by the Eren’s Titan skeleton. Both are silently analyzing that what is happening. After seeing a big titan Captain Woermann orders the soldier to stand by and attack when ordered. He also ordered to prepare the cannon for a second shot on Titan. Eren slowly came in consciousness and stick out from the Titan’s body. He ran towards Mikasa and Armin. Eren realize that he don’t know much about his Titan’s existence because his main aim was to stop the cannon shot.

Eren told them that he has two plans. The first plan is that he will become a titan and return to wall Maria to find his house and basement. His father tells him that he has so many things in his basement about titans. Eren tells them that he will go alone or Armin and Mikasa will get killed by the soldiers. Armin is listening to both of them and thinking that he is still a coward. Eren and Mikasa fought for him always since his childhood.

According to second plan of Eren, if Armin can convince the Commander and the soldiers that Eren’s titan is not harmful to the humans and can be an ally for them in the future. Armin is confused that they have so much confidence in him. Eren told that five years ago it was Armin who told Hannes and saves both Eren and Mikasa on that day. Eren and Mikasa never think that Armin is a coward and burden for him. Armin’s confidence boosts and he decides to convince the commander. He goes out from the smoke.

Armin faces Captain Woermann and the other soldiers who are on stand by and pointing their guns towards him. Armin tries to convince all of the that Eren’s Titan is a friend of mankind and will fight against the titans. Woermann can’t able to think and due to fear he refused Armin’s deal and orders the soldiers to ready for attack.

Armin thinks that he is dead now and he salutes like a soldier for a very last time. He asks permission to explain Eren’s Titan’s importance that we can recapture Trost town if the Eren’s Titan will be with us. Ian Dietrich whispers in Woermann’s ear that we can try this plan but Woermann refuses and gives the signal to the cannon for a fire shot. Suddenly he is stopped by Senior Commander Dot Pyxis. Pyxis orders everybody to stand down. Pyxis wants to listen Eren’s view. He orders Woermann to take a view on the reinforcements.

We find more about Pyxis that he is the man who is fully trusted by the authorities and the king for mankind’s defense against the titans. They go on the top of the wall in peace and then Pyxis listens to Eren and other’s views. Pyxis asks Armin that he wants to recapture Trost or he was just saving his friend’s life. Armin said it was for both aspects. Armin said that if Eren’s titan can carry the boulder to the gate of Trost town so they can seal the way and Titans can’t enter in the town. Pyxis asks Eren that he is ready to block the way in the gate by a boulder.

Eren explains that he is not fully known for his titan’s abilities. He doesn’t even know how to control the titan. Pyxis repeats the question and asks Eren that he got the will to do this or not. Eren is totally filled with will power and agrees to go according to plan.

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